• This lesson will take you through creating and using V-Ray proxies
  • The information centers around V-ray Proxy
  • This lesson topic is approximately 40 minutes in length
  • Lesson covers all 3 Learning Cycles for the Lesson Topic – Lecture, Demonstration, and Activity




Available Materials
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Time to see it work!

Watch while I demonstrate how to create and import both vrmesh and Alembic V-Ray Proxies.




Time to do it yourself!

Use the provided scene files to both export and import both formats.
We have also provided a final scene for your reference.



Dialing in the right values

a) Vrmesh Proxy values:

  • Proxy the object: HouseHero
  • Set the number of Faces in preview to 2000
  • Check Automatically create proxies
  • Will import with HouseHero_proxy1_vraymeshmtl material  assigned to the proxy



b) Alembic Cache values:
  • Proxy the object: Tree_A under the Trees group
  • Cache>Alembic Cache and choose Export Selection to Alembic (click on the Option Box)
  • In Alembic Export in the General Options rollout make sure that the Step parameter is set to 1.0000
  • In the Advanced Options rollout make sure UVWrite is enabled and then click on Export Selection



Additional resources

Find more training resources listed below: