4.5 Metalness and Curves

(1) https://freepbr.com/materials/bamboo-wood-pbr-material/
(2) https://freepbr.com/materials/scuffed-titanium-pbr-metal-material/

In this lesson, we’ll discuss the use of the new Metallic Material in V-Ray Next for Sketchup. PBR textures have made a major impact in the 3D industry, particularly with game engines and as a result of texturing software such as Substance Designer.

While these textures could work with V-Ray using some tweaks in the past, the new MetalnessParameter makes V-Ray Next compatible with PBR workflows – now you can drag and drop metalness and roughness maps into the shader and get the correct results. In addition, we’ll explore how using the new color correction curves in V-Ray Next gives even more customized controls for tweaking your materials and textures.

To begin, let’s open the Asset Editor and start an Interactive Render, to see what our scene looks like so far.