1.2 Scene Integration

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how V-Ray Next for SketchUp’s new utility tools and toolbar can speed up your workflow, making the inspection of your scene’s object hierarchy and material inheritance simple.

In addition, we have made V-Ray’s Auto Mapping tools available for quick access, so that getting the appropriate UVs for your textures is easier than ever.

To get started, let’s take a look at the new V-Ray Scene Importer tool, which makes it painless to import scenes directly into SketchUp from other platforms that use V-Ray. Unlike the “Import Proxy or V-Ray Scene” button, which imports a vrscene as a capsulated file, you can now use the Scene Importer to import any .vrscene file directly as a SketchUp model. This means you’ll have correctly sized and positioned objects, as well as proper texture placement, lights and proxy references.