This lesson gives a basic sample lesson plan for involving the V-Ray Global Illumination: Interior Scenes module into a lecture.




  • It’s best to start talking about how GI is helpful to lighting, and connect how light bounces in the real world to how GI tries to calculate and simulate that light behavior.
    • For this we have a GI: Overview presentation/lecture prepared as its own module.
    • If you wish to not go through the GI Intro presentation, it’s advised to cover a few introductory points at the start of this lecture about GI in general:
      • Indirect Lighting– how light bounces and fills areas that direct light does not reach
      • Primary vs Secondary Bounces
      • Different GI Engines
        • Brute Force – very precise but a bit slower.
        • Irradiance Map – fast and reasonably precise.
        • Light Cache – traces many secondary light bounces; good for interiors scenes
  • There are some points specific to GI in an interior scenario
    • Having enough secondary bounces is important to get an accurate result
    • When the light is coming through the windows, from the environment it is very difficult to get a good result. This is because V-Ray traces GI rays randomly in all directions and only a small part of these samples will hit the environment due to chance. Yet these are the rays that we need most for the illumination. Having a Skylight Portal solves this issue.
  • Using the Quick Settings allows us to affect the final quality of the renderer without having to manually adjust too many options
  • Different combinations of Primary + Secondary bounce engines can be employed in different cases. There are some ideas in the PowerPoint presentation that comes with this lesson


  • In this cycle you can demonstrate how to quickly try different GI setups, using the Quick Settings
  • You can either use the scene and handout we provide or create and use your own materials


  • In this cycle, you are going to let your students experiment with the provided scene. You may want to give them the provided handout to use as a guideline



Available materials

Lesson plan download

Presentation (Lecture) download

Activity handout download