2.1 GPU Updated UI

In V-Ray Next, you’ll no longer see V-Ray RT engine. Instead you'll find the V-Ray GPU Next engine.


The reason is that V-Ray has two separate render engines:

  • CPU render engine, which is called V-Ray Next
  • GPU render engine, which is respectively called V-Ray Next GPU

As mentioned above, these are two separate render engines and users shall not swap between them as they will produce different results. Our recommendation is to choose your engine before you start working on your scene and stick to it until the end of your project. CPU and GPU versions also have differences in the supported set of V-Ray features. For users convenience, V-Ray Next GPU now has rearranged interface that shows only features and materials that are compatible. If you see grayed-out options in V-Ray Settings windows, it simply means that currently they are not supported.


When working with the V-Ray Next GPU you can use IPR mode for look development and production mode for final frame rendering.


Another big improvement of V-Ray GPU Next is the new kernel, which speeds up the rendering by up to two times.