This lesson gives a sample lesson plan for involving the Physical Camera – Motion Blur and Depth of Field module into a lecture.




  • The Physical Camera is a digital representation of a real-world camera and all the terminology and rules of photography apply here as well. Starting from this you may want to discuss
    • How and why motion blur occurs in the real world
    • How and why depth of field occurs in the real world
  • Speaking about the Physical Camera these are the main points that need to be discussed
    • Aperture and its effect on the exposure and Depth of Field
    • Shutter speed and its effect on exposure and Shutter Speed
    • How to balance exposure when using Motion Blur and/or Depth of Field
  • Some suggested additional talking points are:
    • Reasons you would want to use motion blur
    • How depth of field gives a sense of space and reality
    • Bokeh used as evocative filmmaking technique
    • No magic presets: experimentation required to get these effects right


  • In this cycle, you can use the provided scene and handout to demonstrate how to setup Motion Blur and Depth of Field with the Physical Camera


  • In this cycle, you are going to let your students experiment with the provided scene. You may want to give them the provided handout to use as a guideline


Available materials

Lesson plan download

Presentation (Lecture) download

Activity DoF handout download

Activity MB handout download