This lesson gives a basic sample lesson plan for introducing the V-Ray Ambient Light.




  • You may start with discussing the difference between direct light and indirect light as this is important for the V-Ray Ambient Light and the way it affects the scene
  • This light is quite different from every other light source we have in V-Ray in that it cannot be used to really create realistic illumination on its own.
  • The V-Ray Ambient Light is mainly used to subtly affect the final illumination especially when used in combination with procedural textures
  • The basic options like color and intensity are quite straightforward and easy to explain
  • The important part is the ability of the light to only affect either the Global Illumination or the Direct Light – this can be easily demonstrated using the render elements
  • It can be useful to explain the concept of Ambient Occlusion and why it is used to add realism to the scene


  • In this cycle, you are going to demonstrate the options of the V-Ray Ambient Light


  • In this cycle, you are going to let your students experiment with the provided scene. You may want to give them the provided handout to use as a guideline.


Available materials

Lesson plan download

Presentation (Lecture) download

Activity handout download