This lesson gives a sample lesson plan for involving the V-Ray Instancer module into a lecture.




  • The V-Ray Instancer works in tandem with the V-Ray Proxy so it takes advantage of the Dynamic Geometry method for handling geometry
  • You may show some images of scenes where many copies of one or more objects are scattered around.
    • Bushes or other vegetation
    • Shells on a beach
    • Cars in a parking lot
  • Cover the subject of instancing – i.e. when you have may instances of an object it is loaded into the memory only once
  • The settings of the V-Ray Instancer are very simple to explain but the workflow needs to be shown in action


  • In this cycle, you can use the provided scene and handout to demonstrate how to use the V-Ray Instancer


  • In this cycle, you are going to let your students experiment with the provided scene. You may want to give them the provided handout to use as a guideline



Available materials

Lesson plan download

Presentation (Lecture) download

Activity handout download