This lesson gives a basic lesson plan for introducing the V-Ray Sun and Sky system.




  • If this is the first lesson involving lights you may start with some basic concepts like. Light decay, color temperature and intensity. These can be copied from the Lecture on V-Ray Light.
  • You may discuss the fact that the real-world sun is very bright compared to artificial light sources and that is why real-world cameras need completely different exposure settings when taking pictures outdoors and indoors.
  • Since the V-Ray Sun matches the intensity of the real world sun a Physical Camera is needed to add the proper exposure correction
  • Perhaps you can show some images of sun-lit scenes especially in different atmospheric conditions and times of day.
  • Then you may explain that the V-Ray Sun is a direct light that works together with the V-Ray Sky which is a procedural texture. They both illuminate the scene when GI is enabled and the contribution of the Sky should not be underestimated.
  • It’s important to point out that the intensity and color of both the V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Sky depend on the angle at which the light from the sun hits the ground plane.
  • Point out that we have different models for generating the sky and that the CIE models allow us to manually control the brightness of the V-Ray Sky independently from the intensity of the V-Ray Sun.
  • Then you may spend some time on the more trivial options
    • The invisible checkbox allows us to hide the sun so that it doesn’t create burnt-out pixels in glossy reflections
    • Intensity multiplier affects the intensity of the direct light coming from the V-Ray Sun
    • Indirect horis illumi. controls the illumination coming from the V-Ray Sky
    • The size multiplier parameter is used to control the softness of the shadows
    • Turbidity, ozone and filter color are all options that allow us to affect the colors in the sky texture and the light coming from the sun


  • In this cycle, you are going to demonstrate the options of the V-Ray Sun and Sky system. You can use either the provided scene and handout or create your own.


  • In this cycle, you are going to let your students experiment with the provided scene. You may want to give them the provided handout to use as a guideline.


Available materials

Lesson plan download

Presentation (Lecture) download

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