• Fixed an issue with loading some invalid .cms files

  • Versioned footage is now rescanned for versions when a composition is loaded

  • Fixed an issue with the Add Layer dialog not following shortcuts
  • Added two more stereo modes, green/magenta anaglyph and checkerboard

  • Fixed an issue with the half/quarter cache resolution not conserving memory as expected with 8 bit images such as TGA and JPEG.

  • --layer_channels option added (#310)
  • prefix_v#_suffix is now recognized as a versioned directory (#289); some additional examples of versioned footage are given below:
    • Example 4:
    • Example 5:
    • Example 6:

  • "Add Other Stereo View", --add_other_stereo_view added
  • The following words are recognized in the path:
    • "left", "Left", "LEFT", "L", "lf", "LF" identify the left view
    • "right", "Right", "RIGHT", "R", "rt", "RT" identify the right view

  • Changing a blend mode when a multiple selection is active now affects all selected layers (#291)
  • Replace With... when multiple layers are selected now asks for a base folder and relocates content (#260)
  • Copy Layer now works when multiple layers are selected

  • Select All Layers (Ctrl+A), --layer_select_all added (#294)
  • Delete Selected now works when multiple layers are selected (#301)
  • Fixed #302 (AVI movies are kept locked even when the layer is deleted because of the Undo buffer)

  • Fixed #111 (Alpha Source does not work on Adjustment Layer)
  • Fixed #160 (--timeline before the first layer in a pdpcmd or on the command line doesn't work)
  • "Expand into Layers" command added (#290)
  • Per-layer Safe Area option added to the Placement tab (#298)
  • 'Channels' added to the Source tab (#297)

  • Added JPEG quality and TGA compression options to the Save dialogs. --save_mask_as_sequence and --save_layer_as have been updated to accept them as well. (#219, #272)

  • Stereoscopic support added (#281)
  • --stereo_view, --stereo_mode, --target_view, --image_layer, --image_layer_index, --switch_views options added

  • Versioning support added (#280); use the Version chooser on the Source tab to switch between versions. Versions are enabled when the file path contains a directory with the following name:
    • v or V, followed by one or more digits, optionally followed by _ and an arbitrary string
    • Examples of version directory names: v2, V004, v04_before_cc
    • The version string is automatically replaced in the file name, if present
    • Examples of versioned footage:
      • Example 1:
      • Example 2:
      • Example 3:
  • Added a scroll bar on the layer stack (#254)

  • Moved pdplayer.keydefs.txt and pdplayer.messages.txt to config/keydefs.txt and config/messages.txt
  • It is now possible to override them with user/keydefs.txt and user/messages.txt
  • Added an "Open Unsaved" menu (#261)

  • Fixed #275 (The unused lookup tables need not and should not be saved with the composition)
  • Fixed #277 (The unused lookup tables should not be imported when a composition is loaded)
  • Added "Delete All Unused Tables" in the LUT menu (#274)

  • Support for EXR image layers added

  • Support for VRIMG image layers added

  • Added an "Embed Layer" command, --embed_layer (#215)

  • Added layer fade in and fade out areas (Opacity and Fade in the Blending tab) (#268)
  • --fade_in, --fade_out options added