Official release

Date – Mar. 9, 2017


New Features


  • Online Licensing support


  • Pure Ocean mode that allows to render and preview the ocean or cap mesh without a cache file for each frame

Modified Features


  • Optimized Body Force for scenes with multiple moving force geometries


  • Modulate the Particle Texture Blend Radius by particle age

  • Abort rendering with Defscanline when a fire/smoke or particle pre-process is canceled

  • Option to disable the "Optimizing Volumetrics" rendering pre-pass


  • Optimized cache loading times for caches with many particles


  • Ability to override the simulation or render output directory of submitted simulations to Backburner


Bug Fixes


  • Displacement Volume FadeOut preview won't update after geometry change

  • Crash when plugging PhoenixGridTex for Smoke Opacity of the same simulator

  • Can't add emitter objects to a copied Liquid Source


  • Can't use Clear Inside to delete wetmap particles

  • Mist birth from fast moving splash would produce very fast mist jets

  • Mist particles cannot be born when the Splash Amount is zero

  • Crash with Liquid Resimulation and Adaptive grid expanding in a negative direction along an axis

  • User properties that don't end with a newline are not appended to correctly by Phoenix

  • Crash when simulating with a simulator and source having the same name

  • Multiple Body forces with moving objects take very long to simulate each frame

  • Foam appears on the positive simulator borders during liquid resimulation with a moving container

  • Mixing colored liquids with high RGB diffusion draws the colors towards the negative axis directions

  • RGB channel mixing transfers colors across solid walls

  • Moving non-solid bodies create velocities in liquid simulations


  • Flickering ocean surface seen in reflections with a moving camera

  • Changing options of the Foam texture does not update in renders until the Ocean texture or the frame is changed

  • Particles in Point Mode are rendered black with V-Ray Adaptive Lights

  • Can't render with Thinkbox Krakatoa when a particle system has 0 particles

  • Can't use Thinkbox Stoke MX's Field Texmap to control the smoke opacity channel

  • Rendering an ocean with a hidden Particle Shader would reset the Ocean Subdivs to 0 after rendering

  • Rendering artifacts in Splash or Bubble mode when looking straight along the X, Y or Z axis

  • Crash when the Particle Shader's Count Multiplier is very high


  • Backburner simulation submission does not work with Backburner 2015 and below