Patch release

Date – Nov. 14, 2017


New Features


  • Resimulation over OpenVDB caches exported from Phoenix FD
  • Restoring simulation from OpenVDB caches exported from Phoenix FD
  • Load the simulation initial state from OpenVDB or Field3D
  • Option to control the randomness in velocity direction at Splash birth
  • Option to allow only expansion of the adaptive grid, but disable shrinking


  • Added a new frame blending method using both Velocity and Advection Origin, producing smoother fire/smoke retiming

  • Stronger Approximate Scattering for brighter regions and lower scattering for the darker regions of the same volume


  • Viewport preview for visualizing the influence of both native and Phoenix forces

Particle Shader

  • Size Addend option

  • Option to allow offsetting the particles vertically

Curve Controls

  • Ability to horizontally or vertically stretch and flip the selection in curve and gradient controls

Path Follow

  • Added an option to break the spline into segments which influence the simulator simultaneously

  • Support for 3ds Max modifiers on splines


  • Added a command line cache_converter tool, allowing conversion of already existing AUR cache sequences to OpenVDB without simulating again


  • Added a new interface for sampling volumetrics at render time

Modified Features


  • Moved the Scene Scale option in the Grid rollout and now it affects the container dimensions text
  • Change adaptive limit defaults to non-zero
  • Display an error if the FLIP resimulation cannot find Liquid particles


  • Use particle ID instead of Age channel when looping particles

  • Expose the Isosurface Level parameter in the Liquid simulator
  • Sped up Ocean construction


  • Display Outgoing Velocity of sources in Surface Force mode as units/second


  • Equalized the public interface classes between 3ds Max and Maya. Added new ones serving specific purposes - simulation, volumetric shading, frame data access, etc.

Removed Features


  • Dropped the IPhoenixFD interface

Bug Fixes


  • Crash when simulating using any Phoenix textures in 3ds Max 2018 Update 2 and Update 3

  • The General-Purpose Time Bend Resimulation was not working correctly in Phoenix FD 3.04
  • Restoring Resimulation was not working in Phoenix FD 3.04
  • Resimulation might produce less smoke and temperature
  • Liquid particles penetrate the walls of complex or thin static geometry
  • After loading a cache or simulating, CPU usage remains high on machines with many threads
  • Overlapping Solid Fire/Smoke emitters in Surface Force mode emit inside each other's volumes
  • Instability with high incoming velocities through the grid walls
  • Fire/Smoke simulations using Solid emitters in Surface Force mode with Noise produce different results on each run
  • Fire/Smoke simulations using Solid emitters and Buffered or PCG Conservation produce different results on each run
  • Non-solid sources in Surface Force mode do not affect Liquid simulations
  • Foam born from Sources in Surface Force mode does not respect the simulator Foam Size and Variation settings
  • When splashes split, they form visible lines of particles
  • Big difference between Splash behavior with Liquid-Like at 0 and at 0.001
  • Increasing the Splash Threshold never eliminates all born splashes
  • Foam Rise and Falling speed set to 0 do not freeze foam particles
  • Submerged foam particles ascend high into the air near negative open simulator walls
  • The Simulate Air Effects option may create huge velocities at voxels where the liquid contacts geometry
  • Rigged non-solid bodies cannot contribute motion velocity to the simulation
  • Random hang when restoring the simulation with more than 1 Steps Per Frame
  • Crash when a particle system with instanced geometries used as obstacles exits the simulator
  • Adaptive Grid's Extra Margin for Liquid simulators does not work
  • Grid artifacts with Liquid simulation using Confine Geometry with curved surfaces
  • Liquid particles get created on the back end of a moving liquid simulator with Initial Fillup, raising the liquid level
  • Overlapping a Solid Surface Force source with a non-solid body with Clear Inside does not clear the smoke


  • Artifacts when rendering overlapping containers in Volumetric Geometry mode

  • Flickering when rendering Smoke Color based on a gradient with varying data range with Approximate Scattering
  • Using a Grid Texture as a render input for the same simulator causes double Self-Illumination calculations
  • Crash when blending caches with Drag particles
  • Random crash when blending between frames which contain very few particles
  • Subdivided Ocean surface may abruptly change its detail with animated camera
  • Using Liquid Particles for Mesh Smoothing together with Cutter Geometry still uses particles outside the Cutter
  • Using Liquid Particles for Mesh Smoothing does not take effect until the Smoothness is raised to 3
  • Cannot key the Playback Mode parameter during sequence render
  • Fix dark and non-uniform horizon using the Horizon Roughness option

Particle Shader

  • Particle Shader Motion Blur length changes between the first frame and the rest of the sequence
  • Shutter speed does not affect particle motion blur
  • Bucket artifacts when rendering dense bubbles with the Particle Shader's light cache enabled


  • The steps per frame count displayed during simulation is wrong in some cases
  • Particle channels in the Cache File Content list are wrong when using Loop with Overlap


  • Error about not enough memory to save the cache when a particle channel is over 2GB


  • Disabling the Emit Liquid source option does not stop liquid discharge in Volume Inject mode

  • Mapped source discharge by a texture does not clamp the texture input between 0 and 1
  • Discharge Modifier based on normals in object space use them in wrong scale
  • Discharge Modifier by World Speed does not work correctly with simulator attached to moving emitter
  • Crash when deleting an emitter from the scene, adding another one to the source and changing the emit mode to Brush

Plain Force

  • Plain Force with drag strength of 1 is not able to stop the fluid's motion

Body Force

  • Body Force does not affect parts of the grid that expanded using Adaptive Grid

Path Follow

  • The Fade Start parameter was not working in Phoenix FD 3.04
  • Artifacts when simulating using a FollowPath force on a circular spline


  • The Mapper cannot completely freeze or exactly set velocity in the simulation

Phoenix FD Grid Texture

  • Can't render a fire/smoke simulator using PhoenixFDGridTex from another simulator as Fire and Smoke inputs
  • Grid Texture which is not plugged into a material does not update its simulator name when it's renamed

Phoenix FD

  • Each time 3ds Max 2018 is started the Phoenix FD toolbar reappears, even if hidden
  • Node properties saved using a decimal comma are not read properly using a dot and vice versa
  • Copying a simulator with default cache paths loses the Input paths for both the original and copied simulators
  • No confirmation box when overwriting presets