Official release

Date – May 31, 2018

Download – Build 3.11.00


NEW PHOENIX FD Support for 3ds Max 2019

NEW PHOENIX FD Support for V-Ray Next

NEW FLIP SOLVER Simulate the RGB channel of Foam, Splash and Mist particles

NEW GPU VOLUMETRICS Rendering of Phoenix Simulators with V-Ray Next GPU. Support for render elements, texture maps and displacement is yet to be added

NEW CACHE I/O Direct loading of huge sparse OpenVDB caches without downsampling

NEW PARTICLE TEXTURE Color the Particle Texture based on Particle Channels such as Age, Velocity, RGB, etc.

NEW MAPPER Added Affected Particle Systems list to the Mapper so it can separately affect Foam, Splash and Mist


IMPROVED PREVIEW Sped up the Preview Auto Range algorithm

IMPROVED SCENE BODY INTERACTION Sped up the scene interaction with complex or moving geometries

IMPROVED CACHE I/O Optimized loading of caches containing Velocity channel

IMPROVED CACHE I/O Allowed grid Channel Smoothing to be applied over imported channels with any value range

IMPROVED CACHE I/O Apply the Smoothing Random Variation over all voxels regardless of the Smooth Threshold

IMPROVED VOLUMETRIC SHADER Sped up velocity sampling during volumetric motion blur

IMPROVED PARTICLE SHADER Sped up rendering in Bubble, Cellular and Splash mode using the Phoenix Light Cache up to 2x

IMPROVED OCEAN MESHER Sped up the Displacement Fade Volume algorithm with complex or moving geometries

IMPROVED BODY FORCE Sped up the Body Force with complex or moving geometries

IMPROVED FORCES Allowed all parameters of the Phoenix forces to be animated

IMPROVED VRSCENES Support for relative cache paths in VRScenes and the -remapPath option in V-Ray Next StandAlone

IMPROVED GRID TEXTURE Box, Linear and Spherical Sampler Type for the Grid Texture

IMPROVED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION Duplicate Particle Group nodes when cloning a Simulator if Foam or Splash simulation is enabled

IMPROVED SDK Exposed the pre- and post-render 3ds Max callbacks through the SDK so Phoenix can be prepared for rendering manually


REMOVED CACHE I/O Dropped support for the AUR1 cache format. Caches simulated with Phoenix builds before 13 Mar 2015 will not open anymore


FIXED FLIP SOLVER Viscosity calculations used extra memory and processing time even without Variable Viscosity

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Foam Pattern forces pushed particles vertically which made them less effective

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Crash when the Mapper affects a FLIP particle channel which was not enabled in the Simulator Output

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Liquid and Foam particles sometimes got shot away on collision with Confine Geometry

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Fillup for Ocean did not clear the volume of Solid bodies with Clear Inside

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Voxels under the Fillup For Ocean level and cut by Confine Geometry were not included in the ocean mesh

FIXED FLIP SOLVER The Time Scale parameter did not take any effect if animated or changed during FLIP liquid simulation

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Could not start FLIP liquid resimulation if the first frame had 0 liquid particles

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Liquid Source Motion Velocity did not work for emitted Foam and Splash particles

FIXED SCENE BODY INTERACTION Voxelization became increasingly slower until 3ds Max was closed and re-opened

FIXED SCENE BODY INTERACTION Random crash when FLIP liquid particles interact with the 0th face index of a geometry, since Phoenix FD 3.10

FIXED SOURCES Source Polygon ID affects the discharge even if not in Surface Force mode

FIXED VOLUMETRIC SHADER The V-Ray Velocity render element was not rendered in Volumetric Geometry mode if Motion Blur was off since Phoenix FD 3.05

FIXED PARTICLE SHADER The V-Ray Velocity render element was not rendered with Render as Geometry enabled if Motion Blur was off

FIXED PARTICLE SHADER Bubbles and Splashes were rendered differently on a different number of threads with Phoenix Light Cache enabled

FIXED PARTICLE SHADER The cache data leaked when rendering a Particle Shader with Liquid Simulator and Render as Geometry

FIXED V-RAY RT AND IPR Fire Opacity Multiplier was always exported as 1 with V-Ray RT

FIXED V-RAY RT AND IPR Master Multiplier from the Smoke Color rollout wasn't exported correctly

FIXED OCEAN MESHER The Displacement Fade Volume caused grid artifacts on the ocean mesh

FIXED OCEAN MESHER Incorrect ocean mesh if V-Ray's 'Get resolution from MAX' option was off and the VFB resolution differed from 3ds Max's

FIXED OCEAN TEXTURE Ocean Texture with Control by Wind Speed enabled did not render with the correct scale with V-Ray RT

FIXED GRID TEXTURE No Motion Blur with Grid Texture connected to a meshed Simulator's material

FIXED GRID TEXTURE Crash when rendering a Grid Texture that uses a deleted simulator

FIXED WAVE FORCE Boiling effect on the open grid borders when using Wave Force with Fillup for Ocean

FIXED VRSCENES Particle Shader was not exported to VRscene files when Render as Geometry was enabled

FIXED VRSCENES Crash when the transforms of the PhxShaderSim plugin and the Node plugin in Volumetric Geometry mode were mismatched in a VRScene

FIXED CACHE I/O The grid RGB channel was missing when saving the cache files in OpenVDB format since Phoenix FD 3.10

FIXED CACHE I/O Wrong velocity direction and motion blur when importing OpenVDB files from FumeFX

FIXED CACHE I/O Wrong velocity scale when importing OpenVDB files from Maya Fluids

FIXED CACHE I/O Couldn't load OpenVDB files whose "file_voxel_count" metadata is 0, though they contain active voxels

FIXED CACHE I/O Crash when writing cache files at the exact moment while the same or another simulator is reading them

FIXED CACHE I/O Cache saving became increasingly slower until 3ds Max was closed and re-opened, since Phoenix FD 3.10

FIXED PREVIEW Body Force force preview did not update when the simulator was moving

FIXED RENDER CURVES Adding a new spline point to a straight sloped section in the render diagrams produced curvature

FIXED PRT I/O The Export PRT dialogue showed the particle systems only when the timeline frame was on a loaded cache

FIXED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION Couldn't simulate after undoing the deletion of a Simulator connected to a Particle Shader since Phoenix FD 3.10

FIXED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION The Simulator did not release the loaded cache frame memory when hidden or deleted, but only after scene reset

FIXED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION Crash when reading cached voxel data via MaxScript if the coordinate system is set to World or Object