Official release

Date – 15 May, 2019

Download – Build 3.14.00


With Phoenix FD 3.14 we have added a few improvements, optimizations and bug fixes. 


IMPROVED ANIMATION The Grid viscosity channel is now reconstructed from FLIP particles when using Time Bend Controls, preventing render flickering

IMPROVED PREVIEW Speed up preview of AUR cache files

IMPROVED PREVIEW Show the mesh preview together with the voxel/velocity/force preview when both are enabled

IMPROVED GRID TEXTURE Helpers for rescaling the output values of the Grid Texture to a certain range

IMPROVED GRID TEXTURE Option specifying whether the alpha of the Grid Texture would be solid or based on the intensity

IMPROVED TOOLBAR If there is only one visible Simulator and the rest are hidden, the toolbar Start button should start it immediately


FIXED SCENE BODY INTERACTION When a moving geometry stopped, it kept contributing velocity in the Fire/Smoke simulator or broke liquid emission in the Liquid Simulator, since Phoenix FD 3.05

FIXED GRID SOLVER Crash with Adaptive Grid when 'No Smaller than Initial Grid' was off, the Grid was completely outside the initial grid and shrunk to 0, since Phoenix FD 3.00.02

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Liquid Sources kept emitting Foam/Splash particles in Brush Mode even if the Brush Effect was 0

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Moving ocean containers still produced disturbances at their fronts in some cases

FIXED FLIP SOLVER Wetmap particles were not born on some surfaces of objects with non-uniform scale

FIXED VOLUMETRIC ILLUMINATION Phoenix lights from one Simulator did not illuminate some parts of other Simulators depending on the camera angle

FIXED VOLUMETRIC SHADER Crash when using one object as a render cutter for more than one Fire/Smoke simulators, since Phoenix FD 3.12

FIXED VOLUMETRIC SHADER Replacing the fire opacity with a texture using the 'Fire Opacity From Texture' option affected Fully Visible and Use Smoke Opacity modes as well

FIXED VOLUMETRIC SHADER Volumes were rendered if the Simulator was hidden but 'Create Lights Even If Not Renderable' was Enabled, since Phoenix FD 3.13

FIXED GPU VOLUMETRICS GPU Volumetric effects go missing when switching between Bucket and Progressive Sampler type in Volumetric Geometry mode

FIXED PARTICLE FLOW Phoenix's PFlow operators didn't take into account the cache Input time bend settings

FIXED PARTICLE FLOW Stored caches for pflow operators were not released from memory on closing the scene

FIXED PARTICLE FLOW Birth operator used the RGB green channel instead of the velocity when based on Speed

FIXED CACHE I/O Wrong particle positions when looping adaptive grid with loop overlap

FIXED ABC I/O Crash when exporting Alembic mesh with Simulator in Pure Ocean mode

FIXED TOOLBAR Caches couldn't be deleted from the toolbar if there were modifiers applied to the Simulator

FIXED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION Nodes which are not Geometries, such as Sources, Body Force, Mapper etc, could be picked for Cutter Geom, Fade Volume, etc.

FIXED 3DS MAX INTEGRATION Expand and Don't Shrink option enabled the Maximum Expansion XYZ options in the UI even if Maximum Expansion was off