This page gives details on how to install the online license system for Chaos Group products.

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The Online Licensing system is very easy to install. This page will walk you through the process of using the installer.


Installation Process

1) Run the License Server installer that is included with the Phoenix FD product installation package or download the License Server installer from the Downloads section of the Chaos Group website (you'll need to be logged in to access it).




2) Please read over the license agreement. To continue with the installation process, click the I Agree button.

3) You can choose to accept the default installation parameters, or use the Customize button to change these parameters.









Windows Default Install path - C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\VRLService\OLS

Linux Default Install path - /usr/ChaosGroup/VRLService/OLS



4) The installation process will then Check for Running Applications, which may take a few minutes so please be patient.


The application may appear to be non-responsive, but it should complete its search for running applications and move on to the next step


5) The license server is then installed on your machine.

6) The application is registered as a service using one of the init systems available within your machine's OS. Use the appropriate service commands to start and stop the license server.








For Windows, use the Services window

For Linux, use SystemV, Upstart or systemd



7) The installation process is then complete.

8) A browser window will open to the Chaos Group License Server page.



If you close your browser window, an easy way to reopen the license server page is from the Manage Phoenix FD Online License Server tool installed with the rest of your Application shortcuts (e.g. Windows Start Menu), which will direct you to http://localhost:30304/


9)  Login to the Chaos Group Login Portal and enter your login credentials.



For more details on how the Online Licensing System works, please see the Online Licensing page.