This page contains information about Phoenix FD textures.


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Phoenix FD provides several textures for use in simulations and rendering.


Grid Textures

Grid textures rely on the grid to generate a texture.

  • Grid Texture - Generates a procedural texture from a simulator grid for use in shading the simulation.
  • Grid Texture 2D - A simplified version of the Grid Texture.


Water Textures

Water textures are used with water effects to make them look more realistic.

  • Ocean Texture - A realistic, non-cyclic procedural texture for representing an ocean surface.

You can also use a Particle Shader to shade foam.


Particle Texture

Phoenix FD can generate WetMap particles that can be used along with the Particle Texture to emulate wet surfaces.

  • Particle Texture - A texture generated from a particle system by blending between sub-maps connected to each particle.