This page provides information on the Phoenix FD Global Preferences window.


This window provides options that affect all Phoenix nodes. These preferences are saved across different scenes and sessions of 3ds Max.





Open Log File Location... – Opens a new Windows Explorer window at the location where the Phoenix simulation and rendering log file is saved.



Show Billboarded Viewport Icons – When this option is enabled, all Phoenix viewport wireframe nodes, except for the simulators, will always face the camera. If the option is disabled, the icons will lie flat in the XY plane.

Record *.slog and *.rlog Presets – When enabled, Phoenix will automatically write preset log files when starting a simulation or render. These files are helpful for debugging when the simulation or render fails. Note that this should be disabled when submitting simulations to Deadline; the files will write to the scene directory, which can cause Deadline jobs to restart.

ESC Key Stops The Simulation – When enabled,pressing the Escape key on the keyboard will stop the simulation. If the option is disabled, you can still use the Shift+Escape keyboard shortcut to stop a running simulation.

PFlow Cached Frame Count – Used to improve viewport performance when working with Phoenix Particle Flow operators. Note that this option uses additional memory so increasing it might overload the system's RAM.


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