Official Release

Date - Apr 04, 2019

Download - Build 3.70.03

New features


  • Add preferences option for converting materials to VRay Standard material
  • Add shortcuts or scripts for starting DR slave (Windows)


Modified features


  • Changed default gravity vector value for VRayFurTag to resemble real gravity
  • Disable OpenCL engine on OSX, due to incompatibility
  • Disable OSL Material on OSX, due to incompatibility
  • Changed default value of DR port number to match Standalone default port
  • Remove Irradiance Map presets from the GI presets
  • Fixed an issue with spawning multiple `vray -server` processes
  • Fixed interface license engagement in Team Render with animations
  • Fixed "Default Lights" value to work properly on Cinema 4D R20
  • Fixed the displacement material with 2D displacement in R20
  • Fixed material converter specular translation for Blinn reflective layers
  • Fixed regression from 3.6 - darker material previews