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This page provides some details on how to get V-Ray up and running.


Installing V-Ray

The V-Ray installer for Cinema 4D is pretty straightforward and easy to follow and can be downloaded from the V-Ray | Cinema 4D Downloads section of the Chaos Group website (please make sure you use your login credentials to ensure access to the download links). It's recommended that before installing V-Ray, to make sure your computer meets the System Requirements for running Cinema 4D with V-Ray. If you would like a step-by-step guide, please check out the Installation of V-Ray for Cinema 4D page. 


Licensing V-Ray

Once V-Ray is installed you will want to make sure that your V-Ray license is also properly installed and configured. The Set Up Your V-Ray License page includes everything you need to get V-Ray licensed and running properly. 


Loading V-Ray Plugin

Once you successfully install V-Ray and the License Server, V-Ray automatically loads with Cinema 4D.


Selecting a Renderer

In order to use V-Ray, you must first select it as your current renderer. You can do that by completing the following steps:

Go to Render > Edit Render Settings. Change the Renderer to V-Ray Bridge