This page provides information on some of the Chaos Cloud web portal additional menu items.



The following menu items are part of the web interface of Chaos Cloud.





The Resources tab is where you can check how many Chaos Cloud credits you have left, as well as purchase new ones. This page also displays information about recent transactions.




This button provides you with access to the Help sub-menu.





The How-to section provides simple Chaos Cloud quickstart information.





The Forum button redirects you to the Chaos Cloud forums, where you can get specific questions answered by our staff or fellow Chaos Cloud users.




The Feedback button lets you report an issue, request a new feature, or simply share your thoughts with us about Chaos Cloud. We strive to provide you with the best of service and as such are always open to constructive criticism.


Release notes


The Release notes section contains the Chaos Cloud release notes organized by build version number.




The FAQ section contains Chaos Cloud frequently asked questions and answers.



The Documentation button allows you to access the Chaos Cloud help documentation.


User Preferences



Clicking on your ChaosGroup username in the top right corner of the web-interface of Chaos Cloud brings out the Options and Log Out buttons. Within the Options menu, you can specify whether you want to be notified for completed jobs via e-mail, browser notifications, or both.


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