The following page gives information about the Clone option in Chaos Cloud.

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Clicking on a render job within a project, opens the Job Details page where the Clone button is located. To clone а render job, press the button. Cloning a render job allows you to set new final render settings without the need to upload the scene again. It also allows you to clone specific animation frames within the submitted frame range. If an animation job has failed, you can use the Clone option to render only the failed frames. Note that the feature automatically prepopulates the numbers of the failed frames in the Frame range field.




New job name –  Sets the name of the new cloned job.

Project – Defines in which project to save the new cloned job.

Resolution – Sets the resolution of the new cloned job. One custom option, which allows you to define the resolution yourself, and five predefined options are available.

Aspect ratio – Sets the aspect ratio of the new cloned job. One custom option, which allows you to define the aspect ratio yourself, and six predefined options are available.

The Resolution parameter is interchangeably connected with the Aspect ratio parameter. If you change one of them, the other one changes as well. Therefore, if you want to set a custom resolution, which does not fit the aspect ratio, you should choose the custom option for both of the parameters.

Output type – Defines the output type of the new cloned job. Three options are available: 

VR – With VR an aspect ratio of 2:1 is predefined. If you want to set a custom resolution, it has to be appropriate for the aspect ratio. VR creates a VR preview screen for the job and generates an image. The screen can be used to preview the image on a VR headset or on a mobile device. For more information, see Viewing and sharing VR images from Chaos Cloud.

Frame range – Specifies a frame range to be rendered.

Frame step – Specifies a frame step in the frame range for rendering. For example, writing 8 in the Frame step box, will render every eight frame, hence the eight, the sixteenth, the twenty-fourth, etc. Note that the first frame is always rendered.

Frame range and Frame step parameters are available only for the Animation output type. Those parameters are especially useful if you have failed frames.

Render mode – Defines the render mode of the new cloned job. Two modes are available:

Bucket – Renders the image in buckets and the image is not complete until the final bucket is done.
Progressive – Renders the entire image progressively in passes, which allows you to see the image very quickly.

Output format –  All formats supported by V-Ray, except Deep EXR and Tile EXR, are available.


  • When cloning a job, a warning may appear in one of two cases:
    • When submitting a render job requesting TIFF and/or TGA images as a result. The results might be unexpected as not all TIFF and TGA settings are exported to Chaos Cloud.
    • When submitting an animation frame range containing frames which are not in the original job. The results might be unexpected as some job resources might be missing.

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