This page provides information about the supported features by Chaos Cloud rendering.



At the moment, Chaos Cloud supports and renders scenes using both the V-Ray CPU and the V-Ray GPU engines.

Please note that there are several important limitations using the V-Ray GPU engine:

  • V-Ray GPU runs only in Bucket mode! Any V-Ray GPU Progressive scene will be forced to render with the default Bucket mode sampling settings if no prior Bucket adjustments are done to the scene. If any Bucket adjustments are done in the scene, regardless of whether Progressive is chosen afterwards, Chaos Cloud will use those Bucket settings. We recommend using the Bucket image sampler when submitting a scene for rendering in GPU mode in order to keep greater control over the render settings and quality.
  • V-Ray GPU runs only on CPU which is the so-called hybrid rendering.
  •  Chaos Cloud supports only versions V-Ray Next Update 1 (4.10.x) and above for V-Ray GPU, i.e. any V-Ray GPU scene created with a previous version will be forced rendered with V-Ray Next Update 1 (4.10.x). 


Support for V-Ray GPU engine running on GPU is coming soon.

Render region option in V-Ray for Maya is supported in the cloud. You can set the region in your host platform, and then export the scene to Chaos Cloud.

 Rendering in Chaos Cloud is handled by V-Ray Standalone. Keep that in mind in case you are using any third-party plugins unsupported by V-Ray Standalone.


Scenes containing Phoenix FD simulations are rendered in the Cloud. However, running simulations in Chaos Cloud is not supported yet. 

VRscan materials are supported in Chaos Cloud.


For detailed information on the supported features by V-Ray in Chaos Cloud, please visit the corresponding page: 




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