V-Ray for Katana supports importing shaders exported from V-Ray for Maya or 3ds Max. This feature might be useful to people who have large collections of shaders made in other applications supported by V-Ray or for people who want to learn how to setup shaders in Katana and have prior knowledge of V-Ray in another host application. The importer supports only loading vrscene files, so your host application must have a way to export such files (V-Ray for Maya, 3ds Max, XSI support this).

Step-by-step guide

First you need to export the vrscene file from Maya, Max, etc. I'll describe the steps when using V-Ray for Maya 3.xx
  1. Make a simple scene
  2. Setup your material and apply it to an object
  3. Go to Render Settings -> V-Ray Common -> Translator
  4. Enable the "Export to a .vrscene file" option
  5. Choose some filename
  6. Render the scene

Some useful links: Exporter options in V-Ray for 3ds Max and Translator option in V-Ray for Maya

Then in Katana
  1. Create NetworkMaterial node and add some V-Ray terminal to it
  2. Go to the Shelf -> (other) V-Ray -> VRayImportShader
  3. A file dialog will open and you should choose the exported file
  4. After the import has finish you'll see all imported nodes selected in the Node graph
  5. Move it to an empty space
  6. Connect the last nodes output to the terminal of the NetworkMaterial node

After executing all these steps you should be able to use and tweak your shader inside Katana.


Screenshot just after the shader has been imported

Screen shot of the Nodegraph after import