This page introduces features for creating and modifying geometry objects in V-Ray for 3ds Max.


This section covers the different ways V-Ray can create and modify geometry objects in a scene.


Primitives and Procedural Geometry


Infinite Plane

Creates an infinite plane at render time that will have no visible end. Find out more: Infinite Plane


Section Clipper

Creates a simple plane at render time that can be used to clip away parts of the scene without modifying the actual scene geometry itself. Find out more: VRayClipper


Metaballs and Iso-Surfaces

Creates a raytraced iso-surface out of an existing particle system at render time and is not generated as actual geometry. Find out more: VRayMetaball


V-Ray Sphere

Creates a procedurally generated perfect sphere. Find out more: VRaySphere


V-Ray Fur

Creates simple procedural fur at render time. Find out more: VRayFur











Displacement Modifier

Allows higher detail to be added to a geometry object through displacement. Find out more: VRayDisplacementMod


Hair and Fur

Enables V-Ray compatibility and additional control to hair and fur systems through modifiers. Find out more: Hair and Fur


Object and Light Properties

These additional controls in the Systems rollout allow the user to adjust render settings on a per-object basis. Find out more: Object and Light Properties






Additional Features


Proxy Objects

Allows an external mesh to be imported at render time only.  Since the proxy object's geometry isn't present in the scene, it will not take up resources and allows the rendering of meshes with triangle counts higher than 3ds Max itself can handle. Find out more: VRayProxy


Particle Instancer

Creates instances of other objects over particles from a ParticleFlow system. Find out more: VRayInstancer


Volumetric Grid

Creates a volumetric effect that works with grid-based cache formats. It reads its data from an input file which supports grid-based volume representation. Find out more: VRayVolumeGrid






Tools and Utilities


Convert OBJ GEO PLY to V-Ray Proxy

A command-line tool that converts a variety of mesh files into .vrmesh format for V-Ray Proxy Objects.Find out more: OBJ GEO PLY to .vrmesh converter


V-Ray Mesh Viewer

Allows the user to preview static and animated V-Ray mesh (.vrmesh) and alembic files. Find out more: V-Ray mesh viewer


V-Ray Scene Exporter

Exports the geometry, lights, and shaders in a scene into a .vrscene file. Find out more: V-Ray Scene Exporter


V-Ray Scene Converter

This tool converts all scene materials and raytraced shadows to versions optimized for V-Ray. Find out more: V-Ray Scene Converter