Official Release

Date - June 05, 2019

Download - Build 4.20.00

New features

V-Ray Cloud

  • Indirect light select modes support

V-Ray GPU/V-Ray Cloud

  • Support for Substance 2 maps


  • Add support for VRayCurvature texture
  • Support for VRayDistanceTex
  • VRayALSurfaceMtl shader support


  • Overlay progress notifications in the Viewport IPR

V-Ray/V-Ray GPU

  • Debug Shading with various modes during IPR
  • Hash map based light cache
  • Native rendering of Corona scatter instances


  • Add V-Ray memory tracking support
  • Baking elements support for opacity map when doing projection baking
  • Implement barycentric mode in the VRaySamplerInfoTex


  • Ability to do test renders at lower resolution
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for mouse actions in IPR


  • Implement the 3ds Max OSL shading graph support


  • Add V-Ray's Cel shader implementation support


  • Add support for V-Ray GPU render elements: VRayNormals, VRaySamplerInfo, VRayZDepth, VRayVelocity, VRayGI, VRayDiffuseFilter, VRayShadows, VRayObjectID, VRayRenderID
  • Modulate or replace the Fire Opacity with a texture in "Use Own Opacity" mode


Modified features

.vrscene exporter

  • Disable 3ds Max UI updates to avoid slowdown with animation export due to redrawing heavy scenes
  • Nozon PresenZ plugin parameters export
  • Optimize export time with particle systems
  • Support for pixel aspect ratio

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter

  • Should be usable through MAXScript
  • Use maketx instead of img2tiledexr by default

V-Ray Cloud

  • Add a warning when using VRayAmbientLight and Adaptive Lights


  • Add UI for resumable rendering with GPU bucket sampler
  • Add an option to save color corrections for the raw image output
  • Add support for VRayExtraTex exclude/include lists
  • Improve Light Linker memory efficiency
  • Remove OpenCL engine from the UI
  • Support for multiple map channels for bitmaps in VRayGLSL

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Add the "Submit to Chaos Cloud rendering" as separate button


  • Add a warning when there are render elements with filtering off and Progressive sampler as they are incompatible
  • Check for version compatibility between the DR servers and client
  • Displacement/subdivision tessellation outside the camera frustum should be coarser (reduces memory usage)
  • Display a warning when using Auto Exposure/White Balance with Region Render or Render Mask
  • Faster production IPR with complex scenes
  • Improve loading time for scenes with many V-Ray lights
  • Improved sampling for scenes with many light sources
  • Mitigate Windows freezing while rendering
  • Move the Authorization and About rollouts to the Settings tab
  • Optimized memory usage for scenes with many disc lights
  • Print a warning if the VRayLog.txt file is written to C:\ or unaccessible path
  • Print a warning when using the irradiance map with full light select elements
  • Remove writing of V-Ray shade maps
  • Update to Alembic 1.7.10
  • Use lower resolution on HiDPI displays with Viewport IPR


  • Better shadow terminator with strong bump maps
  • Remove the highlight glossiness slots from UI in Slate Material Editor and disconnect the texmap
  • Use the Oren-Nayar model for diffuse roughness


  • Ask to save the current modified scene when using the Open Scene command from History


  • Increase the number of texture channels to 16
  • Speedup compilation of shaders


  • Add support for "Position along strand absolute" mode


  • Dome lights should be adaptive by default


  • Implement an output selector for OSL
  • Improved initial rollout states


  • Use GGX as fallback for unsupported microfacet BRDFs


  • Support for shaders that use the trace() OSL function in the 3ds Max OSLMap texture


  • Extend VRaySmaplerInfoRE with tangent and bitangent in uv space


  • Deprecate for future use


  • Show the mesh preview together with the voxel preview when both are enabled
  • Speed up preview of AUR cache files by reading the grid channel data min-max range from their metadata
  • Support for OpenVDB 5


Bug fixes

.vrscene exporter

  • Current frame number is not written to .vrscene when exporting a single frame
  • MAXScript that exports .vrscene and then loads a render preset freezes 3ds Max
  • Wrong export of Composite map with layers in “normal” mode

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter

  • Wrong conversion of .exr textures with overridden gamma

V-Ray Cloud

  • Animated clipping plane of 3ds Max Physical Camera is not exported to .vrscene
  • Animated exposure options in Environment and Effects are not exported
  • Camera Automatic vertical tilt doesn't work with animation
  • Cellular map assigned to a refractive VRayMtl is renders with differences
  • Crash with 3ds Max blackbody.osl with a texture which is not an OSL texmap
  • Crash with Forest Pro with non-default V-Ray/object properties values
  • Difference in Bump mapping with VRayHDRI
  • Difference in the VRayZdepth render element when the VRayMtl refraction "Affect channels" is set to "All channels"
  • Different bump seed info from BerconNoise
  • Dome light's texture is not exported correctly in some cases with "Lock texture to icon" enabled
  • Export animated depth of field from VRayPhysicalCamera, Physical Camera and render setup
  • Export animated parameters that control camera exposure
  • Forest Pack Edge mode is not exported to .vrscene files
  • Forest Pack object with set object id is not rendered in the MultiMatte pass in Standalone and the cloud
  • Inconsistencies and performance issues on rendering of motion-blurred VRayInstancer
  • Mismatched channel names when outputting .vrimg and .EXR and there is a VRayDenoiser render element
  • OpenEXR textures with gamma override do not render properly
  • Output settings of maps are not exported properly when animated
  • RailClone object used as VRayDistanceTex object did not respect "Renderable" object property
  • Scenes with light linking renders a lot slower than in 3ds Max on multi-core machines
  • Scenes with time display set to Frame: Ticks, non-zero ticks and motion blur render darker
  • Support for the VRayScatterVolume material
  • Top-Bottom output layout option in the VRayStereoscopic helper is not exported in .vrscenes
  • VRayAlSurface produces incorrect GI pass
  • VRayAlSurface renders differently
  • VRayFur animation is not exported
  • VRayPhysicalCamera animated "F-number" is not exported
  • Visible to camera object property is not exported properly when there is VRayLightMtl with Direct Illumination on
  • When using Auto exposure light cutoff threshold is applied prior to the EV adjustment
  • Wrong export for VRayProxy file name parameter for proxy/alembic sequences
  • Wrong results when "Affect shadows" is turned off in the refraction VRayMtl parameters


  • A scene with two VRayClippers in mesh mode is rendered incorrectly with V-Ray Standalone/V-Ray Cloud
  • Add the "Previous render" function to
  • Artifacts with VRayDisplacementMod and TriplanarTex
  • Back faces of double sided VRayMtls are not rendered
  • Black output when saving from the 3ds Max Common tab options and using Render Mask
  • Black transparency effect in a scene with a lot of geometry stacked behind each other
  • Buckets produce different results when rendering in hybrid mode
  • CUDA errors when rendering a sequence with animated VRayClipper, dome light and reflective/refractive materials
  • Crash in IPR when RailClone material is modified
  • Crash in a scene with Forest Pro animated geometry with motion blur and VRayVelocity render element
  • Crash on scene reset after rendering a scene with Forest Pro
  • Crash when modifying materials of ForestPro objects during IPR
  • Crash when rendering VRayProxy with VRayLightMtl (with direct illumination on) and motion blur
  • Crash when rendering invalid light cache file
  • Crash when uploading huge textures in full size
  • Crash with specific scene rendering when turning off lights during IPR
  • DR Bucket unsupported render element warning is erroneously shown
  • Enable saving of the light cache
  • Error 700 during IPR with on-demand texture size and override material
  • Error 716 with VRayHairMtl and VRayHairNextMtl with older GPU drivers
  • Excessive memory consumption with Bucket Sampler
  • GLSL shaders that use the sqrt() function crash
  • Geometries disappear during IPR when rendering with Render Mask Selected and moving a selected geometry
  • IPR is locked to the projection instead of the current view
  • Include/exclude linked objects from lights causes all child objects to be excluded too
  • Low quality baked Spiral mode of Gradient Ramp in Anisotropy
  • Memory leak with on-demand textures when used in IPR
  • NaN pixels when rendering in hybrid
  • Show VRaySwitchMtl as compatible
  • Some scenes with VRayFur take much time before the rendering starts
  • Stochastic flakes: missing secondary reflections
  • UDIM textures are rendered black with On-demand mipmapping texture mode
  • VRayDRBucket render element outputs black color with Progressive sampler is used
  • VRayInstancer uses only the PRT particles from the initial frame
  • Visible edges on geometry with VRay2SidedMtl and VRayNormalMap
  • Wrong GI and shadow calculation with environment color different from black
  • Wrong render when the first production render of the 3ds Max session is Orthographic
  • Wrong rendering of animated VRayColor with motion blur


  • Animated amount of 2D VRayDisplacement is not updated between frames
  • Assigning a new environment map is not reflected
  • Crash on specific scene with cloned objects when picking material in the Slate Material Editor during Viewport IPR
  • Crash when adjusting Gradient Ramp in VRayLight
  • Crash when changing the topology of a newly copied object
  • Crash when modifying 2D displacement amount after changing the texmap
  • Crash when selecting existing geometry while creating geometry
  • Crash when starting IPR in scene with objects with scripts as custom attributes
  • Crash when turning on "Auto exposure" or "Auto white balance" during rendering
  • Crash when tweaking VRayDisplacementMod in specific scene
  • Crash with VRayInstancer and VRayMultiSubTex when scrubbing the timeline
  • Crash with multi-threaded VRayInstancer when changing frames
  • During rendering with "Auto exposure" enabled, the image may flicker slightly on each IPR update
  • Opening the VFB during Viewport IPR causes rendering restart
  • Render mask in texture mode does not work
  • Use the color corrections from the VFB in Viewport IPR
  • Using Array tool during rendering causes missing objects in 3ds Max 2017
  • Viewport IPR can be started in multiple views using the Maximize Viewport Toggle
  • Viewport IPR should not set the post effects rate to 100 if it was zero

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Creating V-Ray Physical Camera produces an error on 3ds Max 2013

V-Ray/V-Ray Cloud

  • Incorrect full light select element with VRayFastSSS2


  • Adaptive dome light artifacts with invisible lights blocking the dome
  • Artifact in reflection of object behind the camera with adaptive lights
  • Crash with ProOptimizer modifier during compiling geometry
  • Crash with animated GrowFX geometry instanced with ForestPro with animated instances
  • Difference in GI between Max and Standalone with Adaptive Lights
  • Double Sided material renders incorrectly if there is unsupported material input
  • Extreme slowdown in very small area of a scene with dense hairs over SSS surface
  • Flickering of distant light sources with the adaptive lights and many light sources
  • Frames overwrite each other when saving frame sequences as .vrimg through the Max native render output dialog
  • Lens effect generate wrong results with overbright pixels
  • Long file paths are not visible in the Overwrite files list dialog
  • Missing deep data in VRayLightSelect render element
  • Missing effects result channel after changing Lens effects mode
  • NaN or negative pixels in VRaySpecular render element
  • Override material by Include doesn't work properly with grouped objects
  • Raw images are still saved when canceling a render
  • Resuming a bucket render resets the progress to zero
  • Resuming a render with "Store direct light" disabled produces different buckets
  • Setting the log file path with MAXScript has no effect if the Render Setup window is not open
  • Unhandled exception with PFlow and TurboSmooth
  • Using an OSL texture as bump map does not work in Standalone
  • VRayZDepth element channels are named differently depending on VRayOptionRE in multipart EXR
  • When using the "split channels" option, normals render elements should be stored without gamma


  • "Export and render" from .vrscene exporter scales the VFB twice the scale factor on HiDPI displays
  • Copy to stamp label is truncated on high DPI monitors
  • EXR files loaded in the VFB do not have their integer REs displayed
  • HSL color correction in the VFB is incorrect for very dark colors
  • History not updated after deleting a .vrimg through file explorer
  • Levels histogram is not updated when loading a file from history
  • Save render settings with any .vrimg file saved by V-Ray (not only in the VFB history)
  • Towards the end of the light cache calculations the progress bar starts going back


  • Artifact with clipper in open space scenes with dome light
  • Clippers do not respect include list when included object is hidden
  • Clipping objects outside of the include list if the objects that are in it are hidden
  • Incorrect results with disabled "Clip lights geometry" and dome light rendering with V-Ray GPU
  • Mesh clipper casts incorrect shadows


  • Crash after Undo/Redo


  • Results with "Keep continuity" are incorrect when UVTILE textures are used


  • Crash when rendering large areas with VRayFur
  • Crash when rendering on VRayProxy with variable polygon count


  • CUDA error 716 with VRayMDLMtl using bump


  • Lights with no profile are rendered black when override intensity is set to “replace”


  • Artifacts in V-Ray GPU/V-Ray Cloud using multi-segmented motion blur
  • Interval discrepancy on motion-blurred instances with V-Ray Cloud
  • Not rendering correctly with multi-segmented motion blur


  • Textured and Disc lights do not generate caustics


  • Error loading ParamBlock2 when merging a scenes containing shaders


  • Unhandled exception when rendering PF events with VRayParticleColor shading


  • Metalness values different from 0.0 and 1.0 render incorrectly


  • Crash when rendering with V-Ray Standalone


  • Bump mapping is not working with VRayOSLTex
  • Crash in IPR with VRayOSLTex in a specific scene
  • Crash on post-Haswell processors
  • Crash with VRayOSLTex with connected texture linked to VRayLightMtl with Direct Illumination on
  • Loading and cloning an OSL node with in-place shader does not compile it automatically
  • Reloading an OSL shader does not work
  • Shaders do not load when loading a scene with a shader that contains an include directive


  • Ornatrix additional mapping channels data is inaccessible


  • Turning "Targeted" off crashes in IPR


  • Cloned plugins miss the texture slots links


  • Alembic proxy in bounding box preview mode or with preview override loads the whole geometry
  • No motion blur with 3ds Max Fluids imported through Alembic


  • Crash when selected in Material Editor due to invalid symbols in the file path


  • Cannot abort rendering by cancelling the pre-render progress windows
  • Constant mesh rebuild in 3ds Max viewport when the timeline start is not an exact frame
  • Crash when rendering a volume with Create Lights intersecting a geometry with a Light Material
  • Crash when rendering empty volume grid with V-Ray GPU
  • Crash when using one object as a render cutter for two volume grids
  • Fire Lights keep illuminating the scene after the cache sequence ends during sequence render
  • FumeFX 4 VDB caches are imported with offset Pivot point
  • GPU Volumetric effects go missing when switching between Bucket and Progressive Sampler type in Volumetric Geometry mode
  • Having many instances breaks smoke's occlusion by geometry
  • Jittering with animated camera inside of a volume grid using V-Ray GPU
  • Memory leak when rendering with GI and any V-Ray render elements
  • Min-max channel range of AUR caches randomly displays very large numbers
  • OpenVDB caches that contain internal rotation are rendered clipped with V-Ray GPU
  • Optimize volumetric rendering when Smoke Opacity is modulated by a texture
  • Phoenix lights from one volume grid do not illuminate some parts of other grids depending on the camera angle
  • Rendering produces wrong normals render element results with V-Ray GPU
  • Slow preview auto-reduction of large VDB caches compared to Phoenix FD
  • Slow viewport preview when the timeline start is not an exact frame
  • The warning about DR and local paths is still appearing even when there is no volume grid in the scene
  • Using many chained texture maps in the volumetric shader produces different renders of the same frame when rendering repeatedly
  • Very slow loading of OpenVDB files from network
  • Volumes are rendered if the volume grid is hidden but "Create Lights Even If Not Renderable" is Enabled
  • Voxel preview of temperature around 200 Kelvins with As Fire enabled draws bright red and pink voxels
  • When two or more grids have any overlapping walls volumetrics aren't rendered correctly with V-Ray GPU
  • Wrong Object XYZ texture mapping with V-Ray GPU


  • No output for objects instanced with Forest Pro and VRayInstancer


  • The -velocityAttrName parameter of ply2vrmesh does not work for Alembic files


  • The "skip existing images" config option still leaves a lot of per-frame processing with raw VFB output
  • The vdenoise tool displays a warning when -frames is used with wildcard that specifies single file