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V-Ray for Autodesk® Maya® supports most of the standard geometry primitives as well as some of the basic shaders inside Maya. Note, however, that as opposed to V-Ray for 3ds Max, V-Ray for Maya cannot use the standard Maya shaders, materials, lights etc. Instead, their functionality is emulated by V-Ray specific versions. Therefore, differences in the operation of the standard Maya components and their V-Ray equivalents is possible. In addition, the Hypershade graphs need to be mapped to the V-Ray plugin parameters system.

For more information on the supported features, see Features.



Image courtesy of M. F. Usta, U. Erbas,& M. Kural






V-Ray Interactive Production Rendering (IPR) provides interactive rendering using the V-Ray and V-Ray GPU renderers. Find out more: Interactive Rendering| IPR



GPU rendering allows V-Ray to perform raytracing calculations on the GPUs installed in the system. Find out more: V-Ray GPU Setup


Distributed Rendering

A technique for distributing a single render job within a single frame across many computers in a network. Find out more: Distributed Rendering


Batch Rendering

V-Ray can take advantage of Maya's ability to render scenes directly from a command line. Find out more: Batch Rendering


Texture Baking

V-Ray supports a texture baking mode in Maya. Find out more: Texture Baking


Stereo Rendering

There are several ways to perform stereo rendering with V-Ray for Maya. Find out more: Stereo Rendering with V-Ray


Environment Variables

There are some environment variables that affect V-Ray. Find out more: Environment Variables



Bifrost in Maya is a procedural framework for simulating liquid effects using a FLIP (fluid implicit particle) solver. Find out more: Bifrost and V-Ray in Maya





XGen is an Arbitrary Primitive Generator that instances primitives on polygon surfaces, allowing artists to create complex assets such as fur, feathers, grass. Find out more: XGen and V-Ray in Maya


Hair Systems

There are many internal and external tools for creating hair systems available in Maya. Find out more: Hair Systems Support