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This page describes the use of Batch Rendering in V-Ray for Revit.



The Batch Render option in V-Ray for Revit allows multiple renders to be rendered altogether with one button.

Thus, there is no need to wait for each render to complete in order to run the next one.

Currently, batch rendering is supported only on the local machine. 


How to Run Batch Rendering

1. From the drop-down menu of the View Selector, select the views you want to batch render.





2. Enable Auto-Save and specify the file path and type from Settings → Renderer tab → Auto-Save. Image options can be also changed. For more information, see Renderer.





3. After the two steps above are completed, the batch rendering can be run.

V-Ray Rendering Progress window is incompatible with the Batch Render option and does not indicate any progress during batch rendering. The rendering progress should be observed through the built-in progress bar at the bottom of the VFB. 

The rendering process is cancelled, if Revit is closed during batch rendering.