A table which explains which version of Katana is supported by each build we provide: 

V-Ray versionKatana versions supportedOSSupported
vray_adv_XXXX_katana_1_2_linux_x64_XXXX1.2, 1.4Linuxno longer supported

1.5, 1.6


no longer supported

vray_adv_XXXX_katana2.0_linux_x64_XXXX2.0, 2.1Linuxno longer supported

2.5, 2.6

Linux3.60.01 (since rev 26829)


2.5, 2.6

Windows3.60.01 (since rev 26830)
vray_adv_XXXX_katana3.0_linux_x64_XXXXX_archive.zip3.0, 3.1Linux4.10.01 (since rev 28294)


3.0, 3.1

Windows4.10.0.1 (since rev 28294)


Table with important changes that happened in particular revision:

25819Added support for 'instance source' and 'instance' location types.
25842Added initial support for Live rendering in Katana 2.0. RT CPU only at the moment. Support for editing material parameters. Support for moving lights and editing their parameters.
25865Builds made with clang 3.4 compiler are available. These builds work out of the box in all supported Katana versions. The main benefit for the users is better rendering performance (10-30%).
  1. Defaults for the color_mapping options in the VrayGlobalSettings node have changed. New mode parameter that replaces the old donf_affect_colors parameter. The gamma parameter default changes to 2.2. These defaults make the render to be less noisy, because the image sampler works in sRGB space.
  2. Added support for Intel's Embree raycaster for clang builds (normal builds doesn't support it, because there are bugs in the GCC 4.1.2). It is off by default at the moment. This new engine gives better rendering performance for some scenes (30-75%).
  3. Added min_shading_rate, divide_shading_subdivs, max_ray_intensity and some other options to the VrayGlobalSettings node.
25943Added support for ID Pass. This makes it possible to select objects in the Scenegraph from the Monitor tab.
26104Rendering Deep OpenEXR when there are other AOVs/RenderElements in the scene doesn't break Disk renders anymore.

Added support for script, prescript and none types in the RenderOutputDefine node. Better handling of AOVs/RenderElements when doing disk renders.

26419Added VrayFur node, which allows growing fur over polymesh and subdmesh locations. Driving various parameters with textures is possible. There is no preview in the viewer.
26553Added support for VRayVolumeGrid.
26580Fixed some issues related to motion blur and instance source and instance locations.
26669Added support for geometry.arbitrary attributes for curves locations.
26807Improved support for instance source/instance locations: support for geometry.arbitrary attributes in the instance location; better support for the VRayObjectSettings when applied to instance locations.
27082Support for pointcloud locations.
  1. Synced settings with V-Ray for 3dsMax/Maya. This means:
    a. the new adaptive sampler is enabled by default. If you need you can disable it with VrayScript node;
    b. dmc_sampler.use_local_subdivs is added and it is off by default. This means that all subdiv parameters in lights and materials do not control the number of samples;
    c. min_shading_rate default changed from 2 to 6;
    d. the color space used for sun and sky changed from CIE RGB to sRGB.
  2. New option to render Multi channel OpenEXR files. If you're doing Deep data rendering you'll need to use the new upgrade shelf script, because the deep_data parameter is changed to outputMode.
  3. Added support for Denoiser. It works in Katana for all samplers and it can produce images that can be denoised with the Nuke plugin or the standalone vdenoise tool.
28294Support for Katana 3.0 added. Most things work. Missing light manipulators in the new Hydra viewer.
28372Support for VRScan material added.