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This page provides information on the Configuration settings rollout in V-Ray for SketchUp.




The Configuration rollout is where you can globally configure the Asset Properties display of newly created assets as well as of already existing ones.

The Asset Properties of some rollouts in the V-Ray Asset Editor are organised in Basic and Advanced modes. You can set the mode for all assets, which affects the state of newly created assets and pre-existing ones, or for newly created assets only.


UI Path

||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Settings > Configuration


Asset Properties

Default Level – Sets a default level of expertise for newly created assets. This option does not affect the preexisting assets.


Apply to Existing – Applies the default level of expertise to all assets in the scene.




Usage Statistics

Send anonymous usage statistics to Chaos Group – Allows you to participate in the environment decisions for the future versions of V-Ray by automatically sending anonymous usage statistics to Chaos Group. Note that no personally identifiable information is collected.