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This page provides information about the Lighting Analysis Render Element in V-Ray for SketchUp. 



The Light Analysis Render Element provides visual representation of the lighting intensity in the rendered frame. It maps Illuminance and Luminance information as color gradient or a grid of measured values onto the frame. 

The Illuminance and Luminance channels are internally created during rendering. 

The Lighting Analysis render element is a post-effect and is only updated once the rendering is complete. During the render, the Lighting Analysis may display some approximation to the false-color image, but it should not be interpreted as being the final result.



UI Path


||V-Ray Asset Editor|| > Create Asset > Render Elements > Lighting Analysis



Quantity – Chooses which lighting information to be analysed.

Illuminance (lx) – Uses the Illuminance of the rendered frame in lux. 
Luminance (cd) 
– Uses the Luminance of the rendered frame in candelas.

Minimum Value – Specifies which values are mapped to blue.  

Maximum Value – Specifies which values are mapped to red

Scale  Specifies how values are mapped to colors onto the frame. 

Linear – The colors are mapped in linear scale. 
Logarithmic – The colors are mapped in logarithmic scale.  

Display Mode  Specifies the analysed data display mode. 

False colors –  Fills the frame with a gradient ranging from blue (low values) to red (high values). For the out of range values uses respectively black and white.
Grid overlay 
– Displays the values at distinct grid points over the frame. They use the same grading colors.

Draw Legend – When enabled, shows a legend of the false colors at the bottom of the render. 

Updating parameters during Interactive rendering is currently not supported. To apply changes to this render channel, e.g. changing its display mode from False Color to Grid, the render process needs to be restarted. 





Examples: Lighting Analysis



Light Analysis Render showing Illuminance with False Colors display

Light Analysis Render showing Luminance with False Colors display 

Light Analysis Render showing Illuminance with Grid Overlay display