Question: What is a dongle?

Answer: A dongle is a USB device that contains your V-Ray for Rhino license or licenses. It’s very small and does not have any accessible storage space, it contains only the license and not the software itself.

Question: When do I need to plug in my dongle?

Answer: You can plug in your dongle at any point in the installation. The dongle must be attached to the computer whenever you are using V-Ray.

Question: Can I use this software on more than one computer?

Answer: You can move the dongle back and forth between users to quickly move the license or you can use the the built in floating license manager to allow other computers on the same Local Area Network to access the license from your machine.

Question: Where can I download material files?

Answer: You can access our material library by signing into the Chaos Group site here:

Question: Is V-Ray for Rhino available for Mac?

Answer: Currently we do not have a version of V-Ray for Rhino on the OS X platform. We have been in contact with Robert McNeel and Associates regarding the options for porting our Windows version of V-Ray for Rhino to Rhino for OS X. However, Rhino for OS X is in the work-in-progress phase and the official Rhino OS X SDK for third party developers is not yet available. We will continue to investigate our options and will announce news on V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino OS X as soon as it becomes available.

Question: Where is the 64bit version for Rhino 4?

Answer: Rhino 4 is only available as a 32bit program and V-Ray as a plugin takes these settings from Rhino. As a result V-Ray for Rhino 4 is only 32bit. Rhino 5 users will be able to install a 64bit version of V-Ray for Rhino.

Question: V-Ray is asking me to install RDK, do I need that?

Answer: RDK stands for Render Development Kit and is necessary for V-Ray to function. If you are using Rhino 4 you will have to install the RDK manually, Rhino 5 has the RDK built in.

Question: Does V-Ray for Rhino support GPU rendering?

Answer: At this time V-Ray does not use the video card or the GPU when rendering.

Question: Which hardware works best with V-Ray?

Answer: At this point rendering is all about number crunching. This means that a powerful processor is the best place to focus when choosing a machine. V-Ray for SketchUp and Rhino do not currently use the GPU when rendering but a good video card is not considered a waste. Chaos Group does not recommend any specific brand or endorse a particular model computer, processor or otherwise.

Question: How can I locate the records of my other Chaos Group purchases?

Answer: Contact us at with as much information as you have about the purchases and we will be glad to locate the records in our system.