Official release

Date – January20, 2014

Download – Build 3.00.01


New Features


  • Redirected all help links to the new official help web site
  • A V-Ray toolbar provides quick access to common V-Ray features


  • Support for VRayDirt, VRayFastSSS2, VRaySkinMtl materials


  •  Added an option for deep output to OpenEXR 2 and .vrst files


  • Added ability to convert particles from Alembic files to .vrmesh files


Modified Features


  • For 3ds Max 2014, all related V-Ray files have been renamed to xxxx2014 (f.e. vrender2014.dlr, vray2014.dll etc)

  • Added a "Divide shading subdivs" parameter in the image sampler to prevent V-Ray from balancing shading subdivs vs AA subdivs for those users that find it confusing

  • Exposed in the UI the option for direct visualization of caustics calculations

  • Added an option to control DOF/moblur subdivisions for the Adaptive subdivision image sampler

  • When the maximum transparency level is reached, return the environment color rather than black

Hair & Fur

  • Hair&Fur properties are taken from the source object (except the "Renderable" property)


  • The material now respects the global "Linear workflow" option

VRayMetaballTex / VRayParticleTex

  • VRayMetaballTex renamed to VRayParticleTex and can be used to read colors from Alembic particles


  • Removed the "Ignore light normals" from the UI

  • Dome lights are now always created with intensity 1.0 instead of the default 30


  • Internally uses the production renderer core running in progressive mode


  • Use different GPU code depending on the features used in the scene

  • Faster loading of textures


  • Bitmap aperture now has "affect exposure" option

  • Renamed the "offset" and "shift" parameter to the more correct photographic terms "shift" and "tilt" respectively

  • Added an option to prevent custom bitmap aperture from affecting exposure


  • Added an option to force remap mapping channels so that they always start from 1


  • Added a "View image" button that opens a 3ds Max bitmap buffer with the texture

  • Added support for single-channel TIFF and .tx/.tex files


  • The numpad 1-9 keys can also be used to switch between recent images

  • Ability to load arbitrary file formats

  • Clicking on a slider for HSL, color balance or brightness/contrast now sets the value

  • A color correction rollout can now be hidden or expanded by clicking on its title


Bug Fixes


  • Different buckets with probabilistic lights and DR

  • The "Max ray intensity" parameter could introduce color shifts
  • Fixed rare crashes with tiled textures and dynamic geometry when the dynamic memory limit was reached
  • Some V-Ray materials did not generate proper material IDs; Fixed crash with FumeFX render elements
  • Added support for alpha channel from FumeFX render elements

V-Ray RT

  • Fixed mixed up materials with RailClone objects

  • Fixed issues with animated proxy objects

  • Support for VRayBumpMtl

  • Fixed crashes and corrupted 3ds Max window after closing ActiveShade in 3ds Max 2014 with Enhanced Menus enabled

  • Right-click menu in ActiveShade could be flooded with "Missing" entries

  • The scene translation time was counted as render time

  • Wrong Z-depth render element with the "invert z-depth" option enabled


  • Fixed a crash with animated displacement

  • Fixed incorrect results with <UDIM> tags


  • Fixed crashes when starting rendering

  • ForestPro did not work correctly

  • Reflection environment and background were added randomly to a light select element

  • Invisible lights affected the Z-Depth render element

  • Fixed artifacts with Multi/Sub material and VRayNormalMap on ForestPro objects

  • The "compensate camera exposure" option for the VRayLightMtl material didn't work


  • Fixed an issue with spherical lights when "Use texture" was enabled

  • The options for previewing the directional parameter were not grayed out for non-rectangle lights

  • Fixed a glitch when creating dome lights

  • Incorrect rendering of non-uniformly scaled lights with directionality greater than 0.0

  • When looking through a sphere light, black parts of the geometry could appear

  • Fixed issues with dome lights with the "Lock to dome orientation" option enabled

  • Textured dome lights could appear pixelated to the camera and in reflections


  • Alembic particles didn't work correctly with irradiance map and motion blur

  • Alembic particles rendered black with light cache enabled

  • Velocity render element didn't work with Alembic hair and particles

Distributed Rendering

  • Saving of servers inside the scene file did not work

  • Fixed multiple transfers of assets with Unicode characters

  • Missing assets could incorrectly prevent other assets from being transferred to the render servers


  • Modified bitmaps were not transferred properly to DR servers when "Transfer missing assets" was enabled

  • Lists all supported image formats by default


  • Fixed a crash when a velocity render element was present in the scene;

Render Mask

  • Irradiance map was calculated even for parts of the image not covered by the mask


  • Mapped scale of Hair&Fur could take the entire RAM


  • Fixed flickering with motion blur when the hairs change the number of knots between frames


  • V-Ray failed to load when 3ds Max was started with an affinity mask set from the command prompt


  • Lights with different power from the default could produce different buckets in DR

  • Fixed slow rendering compared to V-Ray 2.x


  • The primary reflection glossiness map didn't work, just the numeric value


  • Fixed a crash when trying to apply lens effects to an image loaded from the VFB history

  • The HSL and color balance corrections were not saved in the 3ds Max scene

  • Some of the new color corrections were not taken in account when displaying corrected pixel info

  • The curves were not updated properly if the numerical input fields were used

  • HSL color correction didn't work unless there is at least one other correction enabled


  • The .ocio file was not read correctly if the system decimal symbol was comma


  • Fixed incorrect results due to probabilistic light sampling