Official release

Date – February 17, 2014

Download – Build 3.00.03



Bug Fixes

Render Masks

  • Improved performance with threads number scaling


  • did not work with the Default Scanline renderer with mapping channels different from 1

V-Ray RT

  • Fixed issue where rendering particle systems was breaking the rendering of motion blur

  • VRayHDRI was not working as bump map


  • Fixed crash in V-Ray standalone when moving dynamic geometry with motion blur enabled

  • Fixed driver crash with dynamic motion blurred geometry
  • Fixed artifacts with area lights


  • User properties for standalone plugin were not read correctly


  • Fixed crash in the VRMat editor in certain builds when previewing materials in the editor


  • A helper meshlight was not created in the same layer as the object's when "Direct illumination" was on


  • Fixed displaying of include/exclude lists editor on vrayVFB check/uncheck

miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed slower rendering of scenes with dynamic meshes on many-core machines compared to V-Ray 2.4

  • Fixed updating of texmap buttons on some V-Ray texmaps when connecting them in slate material editor

  • Fixed crash when rendering with 3ds Max frame buffer, V-Ray Stereoscopic's "Adjust resolution" enabled and DR

  • Fixed crash with the "Previous render" option in the render settings when render elements were enabled

  • Fixed issue where the "Check for missing maps" option was breaking the animation export for particle systems

  • Fixed NaN pixels in certain cases when a 3ds Max Bitmap is used as a spherical environment

  • Fixed long irradiance map calculation times in specific cases with matte objects and "Retrace" light cache option enabled