Official release

Date – March 3, 2014

Download – Build 3.00.04



Modified Features


  • The lens effects sliders position can be set by mouse click


  • Added Affect alpha option for the dome lights


Bug Fixes


  • Phoenix FD did not update in mesher mode when changing frames

  • Stereo mode did not work correctly


  • Crash when trying to render an object with GLSL material

  • Fixed bump mapping with Fresnel reflections

  • Fixed bump mapping with tiled texture


  • Fixed different dynamic tessellation with and without motion blur


  • LENS files were not auto-transferred for DR


  • Apply inverse gamma correction when loading an image with 8-bit colors

  • Color balance and HSL corrections were applied after display corrections like sRGB instead of before

  • Fixed crash with curve color correction when there were NaN pixels in the image

  • Color balance correction could produce strange results with HDR colors

  • Fixed crash with deep output in certain situations

  • Fixed global presets loading the sRGB/ICC button state

  • Fixed a crash when loading image after 3ds Max reset

  • Lens effects were applied twice when changing the Mode and Type settings

  • Lens effects were not applied on images loaded from the VFB history


  • Fixed cut-off look of the material in the Material Editor


  • Fixed unexpected behavior when linked to other objects


  • Artifacts with environment override in the texture

miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed stuck buckets due to long GI paths in certain cases

  • Fixed stuck buckets with dynamic geometry with mixed static and motion-blurred geometry
  • Fixed texmap slots of some of the V-Ray texmaps did not refresh immediately when a new map is connected to them
  • Fixed NaN pixels in certain cases with Noise texture used as displacement map on a large plane
  • Fixed NaN pixels in certain scenes with 3ds Max Fog atmospheric effect
  • Fixed NaN pixels when a bump texture returned a NaN normal
  • Updated DLL version numbers
  • Improved motion blur raycast accelerator for fast rotating objects
  • Fixed rare crashes when preparing scenes with many mesh lights