Official release

Date – May 5, 2014

Download – Build 3.00.06



New Features


  • Support for 3ds Max 2015
  • Added VRayPointParticleMtl material for shading point particles from .vrmesh/Alembic files


Modified Features


  • Added option to the .vrmesh exporter to automatically create a Multi/Sub-Object material when exporting multiple objects in a single file

V-Ray RT

  • Added lights include/exclude lists support

  • Added statistics when using the VFB

  • Implemented showing Safe Frame when rendering in a viewport


  • Added option to render particles as points

  • Added option to enable/disable Alembic full names support in the visibility lists

  • Added support for hair and particles color channels from Alembic

  • Make the "Animation offset" parameter animatable


  • VRayBump2Normal is now included in the V-Ray installation


  • Added support for the "track mouse" option while rendering for progressive sampling and V-Ray RT

  • The Lens Effects 3ds Max Effect plugin settings are now applied only when the 3ds Max rendered image window is used, as it clashes with the VFB Lens Effects settings

  • Lens effects - the default glare type changed to "From render camera"

  • When the "mono" button of the VFB is pressed, the computed intensity is now based on the selected R/G/B components only


  • Material exporter support for VRayBlendMtl

  • Material exporter support for Checker and Falloff textures


Bug Fixes


  • Prevent raw image output, when enabled but empty path is provided

  • Reflection/Refraction trace sets' Clear button was cleaning both of the lists

  • Reflection/Refraction trace sets were not working in inclusive mode

V-Ray RT

  • Fixed a crash when undoing delete of Forest Pro geometry while Active Shade rendering

  • Fixed support of Material Frequency Particle Flow operator when rendering as production renderer

  • Progressive sampler settings were not exported in .vrscene files

  • VRayParticleTex was not translated

  • Region rendering with the V-Ray VFB did not work when using V-Ray RT as production renderer

  • The translucency parameters of VRayMtl are not exported


  • Lens effects source channel was incorrect when re-rendering as production renderer


  • Fixed assigned materials order when rendering with multiple hair nodes and having some of them hidden


  • Fixed a crash with XMesh and motion blur

Distributed Rendering

  • Rendering in DR mode with "Use local host" unchecked demanded a render node license

  • The "Save hosts in scene" option was not always working correctly when rendering with DR through Backburner


  • Bucket outlines left in VFB after rendering end


  • Fixed a very slow rendering when Noise texture with animated parameter was used


  • Fixed smoothstep output values outside the interpolation range

  • Newly opened shaders were not added to the recent files history after clearing history

  • Ensure all user defined global variables are initialized to zero

  • Shader source files were not shown in the Asset Tracker


  • Newly opened shaders were not added to the recent files history after clearing history

  • Fixed crash when assigned to dome VRayLight
  • Shader source files were not shown in the Asset Tracker


  • Fixed crash with corrupt .vrmesh files with large number of voxels

  • Fixed wrong rendering of multiple instances with particles/hairs
  • Optimized loading of scene with many Alembic proxies
  • Optimized preview voxel loading routine
  • Skip proxy preview calculations if zero number of faces/hairs/particles is provided


  • Changing PTex cache size had no effect on rendering, 100 MB was always used

  • Added an option for turning off anisotropic filtering for PTex textures


  • Rendering shade map sequences could cause crashes


  • Fixed crash after VRayIES light was created in 3D snap mode and 3ds Max was Reset


  • Fixed "Lock to dome orientation" option to work for nested textures


  • V-Ray did not write .vrimg/.exr files if "Generate preview" was enabled, and "Memory frame buffer" was turned off

  • The progressive sampler was not creating a raw .vrimg/.exr file
  • The Lens Effects were not applied to images loaded from the history
  • The Lens Effects were not stored in the output file


  • Cloning VRayExtraTex element didn't clone the include/exclude list


  • Fixed batch conversion output names generation

miscellaneous fixes

  • Global subdivs multiplier should be able to go down to zero

  • Fixed a MaxScript system exception error when cancelling the creation of a VRayLight from the V-Ray toolbar
  • Fixed issues with VRayLights and FumeFX with illumination map