Official release

Date – September 16, 2014

Download – Build 3.00.08



Modified Features

V-Ray Scene Converter

  • Added option to convert the standard cameras to VRayPhysicalCamera

V-Ray Quick Settings

  • Added preset delete button


  • Replaced the texmap preview in the material editor slot with a generic but faster rendering one


  • Added color mode control


  • Added light_multiplier parameter


  • Updated V-Ray SDK example project


  • Added support for tweak parameters tooltips display in material editor

  • Made .osl the default file extension


  • Added support for UV channels with negative indices

Bug Fixes


  • Added "facesPerVoxel" and "oneVoxelPerMesh" parameters to the .vrmesh exporter

  • Fixed a crash when reading mip-map levels for non-square textures

  • Fixed a crash when rendering geometry with incorrect faces

  • Fixed a crash when rendering objects with Linked XForm and motion blur

  • Fixed a crash when rendering with empty layer as render selection mask

  • Fixed a crash when switching RT and Production after changing VRayColor parameters while RT was running

  • Fixed a crash with XMesh having very large surface normals

  • Fixed a random crash in scenes saved with region rendering enabled

  • Fixed artifacts when rendering with mapped IOR

  • Fixed crash with VRayPtex due to incorrect mesh data

  • Fixed memory allocation for non-tiled bitmaps

  • Fixed rare crash with progressive image sampling initialization

  • Fixed rare crash with progressive image sampling and noise threshold greater than 0.0

  • Fixed Embree rendering on machines with lower versions of SSE support

  • Fixed export of multiple splines to .vrmesh through MaxScript

  • Optimized geometry traversing on multi-core machines

  • Fixed "No GI on other mattes" option

  • Fixed "Max ray intensity" not working for the first glossy reflection

  • Fixed rendering of "Matte for reflect/refraction" objects

.vrscene exporter

  • Added point cloud export parameters

  • Fixed animation settings persistence between export sessions

  • Frame range is not written into .vrscene files when exporting animations

  • The "Strip paths" option didn't affect VRayProxy objects

  • Some options didn't work as expected

  • Fixed the On parameter support for 3ds Max lights

V-Ray RT

  • Animated "focus distance" parameter was not exported

  • Fixed a crash when ActiveShade is rendering simultaneously with material editor's swatches

  • Fixed color mapping improperly applied twice when sub-pixel was enabled

  • Make V-Ray RT Animation Preview" command to save images when rendering with VFB

  • Fixed rendering sequence through animated camera, subsequent frames were wrong


  • Fixed a crash with animated meshes, during ActiveShade session

  • Fixed a crash with animated proxies, during ActiveShade session
  • Fixed an issue causing lights disappearance when moving dynamic geometry during ActiveShade rendering
  • Fixed slow "Compiling geometry" with Forest Pro
  • "Trace depth" parameter was ignored


  • VRayFastSSS2 with raytraced single scattering and Direct light renders differently from production renderer

V-Ray Quick Settings

  • VFB history autosave was always enabled

  • Fixed non-Quick Settings custom presets handling


  • Ability to set the bloom "shape" parameter for the lens effects to larger values that 40

  • Add a #hide keyword to the vfbControl() command to close the VFB after a command is executed


  • Fixed include/exclude with grouped objects and hairs


  • Fixed incorrect results with raytraced multiple scattering and raytraced single scattering


  • Fixed a crash when rendering multiple hair instances


  • Fixed artifacts occurring with irradiance map and "affect reflections" in certain situations


  • Fixed viewport representation in 3ds Max 2015


  • Fixed velocity render element


  • Fixed not-working "Open in External Editor" command for 3ds Max 2012 and previous


  •  Fixed undo of "Guess vert/horiz tilt" buttons


  • Fixed artifacts when rendering with motion blur

  • Prevent unneeded reading proxy particle widths for preview


  • Render elements were outputting left channel only image files through 3ds Max rendered image window


  • Fixed a crash in a specific scene

miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed artifacts in certain situations with irradiance map and area lights with "Affect reflections" turned off