Beta 1 release

Date – August 20, 2013



New Features


  • New progressive image sampler
  • Simplified main renderer user interface: basic/advanced/expert views for some rollouts; help shortcut buttons
  • Extensive optimizations for render speed, especially when using brute force GI
  • The Intel Embree library is now integrated into the V-Ray core for static and motion-blurred geometry
  • Probabilistic light sampling for scenes with many lights
  • Support for render texture mask and render subset from selected objects
  • Added reflection/refraction trace sets in the V-Ray object settings dialog
  • New streamlined installer
  • New "Max ray intensity" parameter to help deal with fireflies in glossy reflections
  • New VRayLUT, VRayICC and VRayOpenColorIO textures


  • Support for bitmap aperture and optical vignetting


  • Ability to write deep images (OpenEXR 2/vrst/vrsm)
  • Support for OpenColorIO color correction
  • Lens effects can be applied directly in the VFB


  • Support for <UDIM> and <UVTILE> tags
  • Support for tags in the bitmap file name based on the node user properties


  • Optimized rendering and reduced memory usage


  • Ability to render hair from Alembic .abc files


  •  New material and texture with support for the Open Shading Language


  • VRayVRmatMtl material for rendering .vrmat/.vismat files


  • Option for geometry-based sampling for the illumination map


  • New geometric object


  • New geometric object

VRay Quick Presets

  • V-Ray toolbar with a button that shows the Quick Presets window


  • Support for most render elements


  • Initial support for vertex merging

Modified Features


  • Updated the OpenEXR library to OpenEXR 2

  • Optimized the loading of irradiance map files over the network

  • The irradiance map prepass now uses the same render region sequence as the main renderer

  • Removed the light cache "Number of passes" parameter; this is now handled internally

  • "Right Click - vrscene exporter" now uses the V-Ray RT translator instead of MaxScript

  • Dynamic bucket splitting towards the end of the image

  • Correct "raw" elements for easier compositing (needs the regular and the filter elements to be present too)

  • Added "shutter efficiency" option for motion blur

  • Multi-threaded saving of images when using "Split render channels" option

  • V-Ray lights now support external atmospherics renderers (AfterBurn/FumeFX)


  • Updated the Ptex library to the latest version

  • Rewritten the Ptex library texture cache for better multithreading on many-core machines


  • Ability to switch between the most recent images in the history using the 1-9 keys
  • Ability to switch between render elements in the VFB using PageUp and PageDown
  • The history thumbnails in the VFB now have sRGB color correction if the sRGB setting is enabled
  • Support for the "track mouse" option in the VFB for stereo renders
  • "Compare" button to toggle comparison view on/off
  • Add right-click menu on the border for custom border color selection


  • Affect the Nitrous viewports in 3ds Max 2013 and later


  • The "fix dark edges" option is now "on" by default for newly created materials


  • The "Show cone" option now respects the pixel aspect ratio

  • Added an "auto guess vert. shift" option to keep the vertical shift when moving the camera


  • Added support for hidden faces for displaced and subdivision surfaces

  • Added "static geometry" and UV smoothing options, as well as option to use fast displaced normals


  • Added "View map" and "Reveal in explorer" buttons

  • Ability to automatically generate .ifl files when picking a frame from an image sequence


  • Added "Show subtriangles" option to show tesselation of displaced and subdivision surfaces


  • The "Random by strand index" option is now supported for VRayFur


  • The "Simpify for GI" option is now enabled by default

  • Faster rendering of transparent VRayHairMtl material


  • Added an option to group g-buffer fragments by Z-depth rather than render ID


  • Added a "bump delta scale" parameter


  • Added a "color gamma" option that allows correction of the actual color used for rendering


  • Added an "affect alpha" option for the dome lights

  • Added an option to lock the dome light texture to the orientation of the light icon in the viewports

  • Added the ability to change the wire color


  • Support for motion blurred lights


  • Added a "Temperature" color mode


  • Added support for material IDs in .obj files


  • Added an option to truncate channel names to 32 symbols

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed truncated error messages in the V-Ray log for missing textures in 3ds Max 2013 and later

  • Some message boxes in 3ds Max 2013 did not display proper Unicode strings

  • Set sensible limits to some parameters in 3ds Max

  • Increase the max stdio file handles to the maximum possible (2048) on 3ds Max startup

  • V-Ray loses its license when RPManager is running

  • Low CPU utilization when the irradiance map prepass is calculating background

  • The parameters of some render elements did not have proper names in Track View

  • Crash/hang when checking/unchecking "V-Ray VFB" option in VRayMtlReflectGlossiness Render Element

  • Hang on "Unloading geometry" when cancelling a render during "Presampling displacement"


  • Fixed incorrect (brighter) GI with glass objects with "affect shadows" enabled when they are in front of an area light

  • Fixed rare bug with refractions due to precision loss


  • Could not edit the gizmo objects list through MaxScript


  • Could not edit the exclude list through MaxScript

  • Fixed various issues with the include/exclude UI


  • Fixed random lighting between renderings with DirectIllumination and CompensateExposure on


  • Ability to set higher values for dome light texture resolution

  • The light preview in the Nitrous viewport disappeared when the light size if very large

  • Brighter glossy reflections of light portals

  • Incorrect (brighter) GI with glass objects with "affect shadows" enabled when they are in front of an area light

  • Inconsistency between GI on/off when an invisible sphere light intersects geometry

  • Dome light looked pixelated in glossy reflections and refractions (light needs to be recreated for the fix)


  • Fixed crash after deleting environment fog gizmo and rendering


  • Fixed issue on duplicated objects with modifiers


  • The V-Ray LUT .cube textures does not load if the system decimal symbol is not "."

  • Comments section of the VFB history changed the information when it was in Korean


  • "RGB Offset" and "RGB Level" in the Output rollout had no effect until the Material Editor is opened


  • If model using the VrayDisplacementMod was X-Ref'd, the displacement is not considered


  • Issue with drag and drop on the texture button


  • Fixed incorrect diffuse render element with blend material in additive mode inside a 2-sided material

  • The "Use irradiance map" option from the base material is now used


  • The helper should append .vrst extension to file names if no extension is specified