Beta 1.1 release

Date – October 14, 2013



Modified Features


  • The material can now read and render materials from .vrscene files


  • Can now load unlimited number of OpenEXR tiled texture files


  •  The default value for the cutoff parameter is now 0.005

V-Ray RT

  • Added option to disable initial image under-sampling


Bug Fixes


  • V-Ray didn't load on Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • Fixed increased noise compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situations
  • Fixed darker GI compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situation
  • Fixed darker reflections compared to V-Ray 2.x in specific situations
  • Fixed freeze or crash with "Separate render channels" option
  • The "separate channels" file name box did not update correctly
  • Fixed horizontal line artifacts with the Progressive sampler
  • Fixed issues with texture baking
  • Fixed issues with render subset and objects with visibility less than 1.0
  • Fixed occasional corrupted deep image files
  • Fixed crash after loading scenes with VRayEnvironmentFog
  • Fixed render hang with materials using the Raytrace map
  • Fixed noise threshold issue with the Progressive sampler
  • Fixed a crash with probabilistic lights in certain situations involving VRayLightMtl materials;


  • Fixed artifacts with transparent surfaces


  • Support for hair colors from Alembic files

VRayOpenColorIO Texture

  • Various fixes


  • Buckets started where they were last cancelled

  • Fixed black pixels in certain situations


  • Fixed a viewport display issue with Alembic hair in 3ds Max 2011
  • Added multiplier for hair width from Alembic files
  • Fixed issues with Alembic files containing meshes with changing topology

V-Ray RT

  • scene exporter: fixed a problem when exporting VRayFastSSS2 material

  • Fixed issues with the noise threshold not working correctly