Beta 2 release

Date – October 14, 2013



New Features


  • Added a new camera type "Spherical panorama" for equirectangular panoramas (similar to "Spherical" but allows manual control of the vertical FOV)
  • The full version of V-Ray Standalone is now included in the installation

Distributed Rendering

  • Option to exclude the local machine from DR rendering
  • Options to automatically transfer and cache render assets to the DR servers (3ds Max 2010 and later)


  • Raytraced mode for multiple scattering


  • Added an option for ground environment projection


  • Support for Alembic 1.5
  • Ability to specify starting path in Alembic files


  • Support for Ptex object-space vector displacement

Lens Analyzer

  • Ability to analyze distortion in arbitrary images

Render Mask

  • Added two new modes: include/exclude list and by layer name


  • Option to automatically save each render in the history (enabled from the VFB history options dialog)



Modified Features


  • "Reinhard" color mapping is now the default color mapping mode

  • Added per-object motion blur duration setting in the V-Ray object properties dialog


  • Faster shutting down of 3ds Max when "clear on render end" for tiled textures is disabled


  •  Print information about which materials require prepass interpolation maps


  • The light dimensions are now shown in scene units in the UI


  • Newly created objects are named "VRayCam001" etc

V-Ray RT

  • Now uses the V-Ray VFB when enabled in the production renderer

  • Up to 5x faster initial scene transfer to render servers

  • Automatic asset transfer to the render servers


  • Reduced noise on VRayBlendMtl materials


  • The default preview mode is "preview from file (faces)" as it's faster in Nitrous


  • Now is always compiled with pure SSE2 so that it works on older hardware



Bug Fixes


  • The V-Ray caustics Auto save option is errorneously named casutics_autoSave in MaxScript

  • Fixed override issue with V-Ray object properties when selecting multiple objects

  • The V-Ray log file was not redirected properly when loading a scene with modified log file path

  • No shadows behind glass with "cast shadows" disabled

  • VRScene exporter didn't work for SSS2 materials

  • Deep OpenEXR 2 files continued to be written even after a render has been cancelled

  • Distributed rendering didn't work after rendering with V-Ray RT

  • Fixed crash with multi-threaded saving of render elements when using the "split render channels" option

Hair & Fur

  • Multiple Hair&Fur materials swap randomly between different modifier instances in the same stack

  • Crashes with VRayLightMtl material


  • Preview was always as faces instead of edges in Nitrous

  • Alembic hair preview could not be selected in the viewport

  • Convert file paths to UNC option didn't work for VRayProxy


  • Greyed out "Autogrid" in latest builds

Quick Settings

  • Slow update when changing the shading quick settings if Render Globals are open


  • Problems with OSL shaders with ',' as the system decimal symbol


  • Convert file paths to UNC option didn't work for VRayHDRI
  • The Browse button does not work if the texture file name contains <UVTILE> tag

  • The "Show Map in Viewport" button was not working


  • Phase Function = 1 produced NaN pixels


  • Crash when rendering VRayMetaball objects

  • Materials with glossiness less than 1.0 rendered incorrectly


  • Stereoscopic rendering through shade maps was not working in beta 1.1


  • Fixed crashes when rendering with the V-Ray VFB

  • Incorrect renders with the irradiance map

  • Incorrect surface normals in some cases

  • Fixed incorrect motion blur in some cases


  • VRayRenderID render element: XML output was not correct in 3ds Max 2013 and later due to Unicode

V-Ray Object Properties

  • Fixed incorrect setting of properties when multiple objects are selected


  • The entire history was reloaded when saving an image into the history