Beta 3 release

Date – December 11, 2013



New Features


  • VRaySkinMtl material


  •  Initial support for particles in Alembic files


  • New color corrections - contrast, HSL, color balance

VRayOrnatrixMod / VRayHairFarmMod

  • Added options for dynamic view-dependent hair tesselation


  • Added an option to save three-channel alpha in deep OpenEXR 2 files for compatibility with Houdini

VRayUserColor / VRayUserScaler

  • Reading data directly from a Node's User Properties


  • Support for RailClone instancing


Modified Features


  • Right-click on a UI switcher allows to switch all rollups to Basic/Advanced/Expert views

  • Updated to Embree 2.0

  • V-Ray will now print a performance warning in the messages window if the 3ds Max bitmap pager is enabled

  • Support for %d and %0nd tags in file names for irradiance maps, light caches, photon maps and caustics maps


  • Added an "auto" option to try and automatically convert textures to linear space


  • Added a preview of the currently selected .vrmat/.vismat material in the Open File dialog when browsing for a file
  • Added .tx and .tex as valid texture file names


  • Added an option to preserve the alpha of the sub-textures


  • Ability to specify face material ID for the hairs


  • Added an option to exclude the light coming in result of cutted geometry

.vrscene Exporter

  • Make .vrscene exporter's Export and render button render the whole sequence

VRayOrnatrix / VRayHairFarmMod

  • Implement global hair tree support


  • More robust sampling of small rectangle lights


  • Reduced noise on transparent hairs


  • Added the ability to type a shader directly in the Material Editor


  • Added a __VRAY_HOST__ macro that expands to the version of vray.dll

Quick Settings

  • Added the possibility to save custom presets


  • Multithreaded file save with the "Split channels" option is disabled due to instabilities


  • Now exposed in the UI

V-Ray RT

  • Improved refresh rate and responsiveness

Bug Fixes


  • 3.0 slower than 2.4 in some cases

  • Unnecessary repeated asset transfer after a texture is changed once
  • VRayLightMtl is black in MultiMatte render element when using material ID
  • Reflection/Refraction exclude lists in the V-Ray object properties didn't work with groups
  • Fixed rare crash with progressive sampler
  • Some bake elements have duplicate class names of other plugins
  • Render mask did not work with the VRayStereoscopic helper
  • Artifacts with motion blur and shutter efficiency less than 1.0


  • Color clamp button selection state not saved when button not pushed

  • The UI colors should match the 3ds Max color scheme

  • When opening a scene with bloom/glare masks turned on, lens effects were not applied after the first rendering


  • Setting tex_inside_separate_on:true for a VRayDistanceTex constructor from MaxScript causes system exception

VRayCarPaintMtl / VRayFlakeMtl

  • Wrong material name in info message in 3ds Max 2013 and later


  • Did not work properly with Hair&Fur

Distributed Rendering

  • Render servers failed to join a DR render


  • Image rendered with BDPT turns black when Glare effect is applied

Hair & Fur

  • The "Visible to camera " option for distribution object was not inherited by Hair&Fur


  • Fixed issues with non latin characters in VRMat material

  • Correct default values for TexCloth

  • Loading some .vrmat files in scene caused 3ds Max to crash

  • The vrmat editor preview should have gamma 2.2 applied


  • Fixed issues with targets when creating new lights


  • Fixed a rare crash when loading scenes with VRayIES


  • Fixed issues with Alembic with dynamic topology and visibility lists


  • "Affect all channels" didn't work with glossy reflections for some render elements


  • Strange result when used on Editable Poly with intersecting attached elements


  • Should return the true intensity in the viewport if VRayExposureControl is active in Nitrous


  • Fixed crash when accidentally rendering with the scanline renderer

Render Mask

  • Drag and drop of textures to the render mask button was not working


  • Negative particles rendered as positive

V-Ray RT

  • Swirl texture prevented V-Ray RT from starting

  • Rendering production while RT was running in VFB would lock RT properties until VFB is closed

  • Saving images from V-Ray RT as production renderer didn't work with the V-Ray VFB enabled

  • Fixed issues with Multi/Sub-object materials on dynamic geometry (instances)