Official release

Date – July 10, 2015

Download – Build 3.20.03


Modified Features


  • Faster rendering of dynamic meshes, instances and VRayProxy objects


  • Deleting an image from the VFB history now sends it to the Recycle Bin


  • Optimized calculations when "inside separate" and "outside separate" options are both disabled


  • Enabled deleting of all but the last point in diagram and gradient controls

  • Enabled markers in gradient controls to be moved across their neighbors


Bug Fixes


  • Render settings dialog progressively opened slower and could lead to a crash

  • 3ds Max froze when selecting the "Cache limit type" option in the DR settings dialog

  • Fixed black images with texture baking and image auto-save

  • Fixed crashes with Embree hair in specific situations

  • Fixed stuck bucket with Embree in specific scene

  • Removed artifacts with "cached normals" on displaced objects with "subdivision" method

  • Single channel .exr files were not loaded as grayscale

  • The thumbnail preview render for exposure control plugins didn't work correctly with the V-Ray VFB enabled

  • VFB+ tool windows are inactive when rendering with V-Ray

V-Ray RT

  • RT export slowed down when exporting a lot of frames for animation

  • Objects with VRayDisplacement modifier were not rendered when VRayVelocity RE was present

  • Rendering randomly stopped during animation sequences

  • Distortion type and custom attributes of the Physical Camera for 3ds Max 2016 were not translated

  • VRayFur was not motion blurred with the geometry it was assigned to unless its gizmo had some animation too

  • BerconNoise texture UVW coordinates were not exported when distortion was disabled


  • Wrong interpolation of the light cache could cause increased flickering in animations

  • Vertex Color texture inside a Composite texture didn't render properly

  • Fixed crash when render animation sequence with Light cache and XMesh

  • Fixed wrong render of textured rectangle lights in some situations

  • Flakes for car paint material rendered with wrong normals

  • Texture baking could produce incorrect results after a regular render

  • Displaced geometry was not included in the light cache

  • Objects with camera visibility OFF did not cast shadows

  • Fixed sub-optimal rendering of motion blurred displaced meshes


  • Fixed driver crash with hair and light cache

  • VRayHairInfoTex with mode Random by strand index produced solid color


  • Loading V-Ray settings from the history sometimes did not refresh the Render Setup UI properly

  • Fixed crash when the V-Ray VFB resolution was different from the 3ds Max and there were G-Buffer channels


  • Fixed render was freezing with static subdivision and tiled textures when the displacement map was missing

  • Fixed artifacts appearing with "cached normals" on displaced objects with "subdivision" method


  • Fixed physical camera shifted view when rendering with distortion map


  • Rendering with direct illumination enabled unhidden lights in the viewports


  • Ox Hair from Mesh Strips didn't respect Ox render settings and always rendered with defaults


  • Fixed crashes on Windows 8.1


  • HairFarm hair did not respect light include/exclude lists


  • Inconsistent rendering results with texture mapped materials applied to VRayFur


  • Too dark sun light in the 3ds Max viewports when using Physical Camera exposure control in 3ds Max 2016


  • Fixed UI flickering when enabling the Auto Range option

Hair & Fur

  • Fixed crash during light cache calculation