Beta 2

Date – November 30, 2015

Download – Build 3.30.02


New Features


  • Minor performance improvements


  • Initial support for rounded corners on the GPU

  • Initial support for the MultiTexture plugin from CGSource


  • Support for VRayDirt

Modified Features


  • Include the name of the material causing "invalid bump normal" warnings itself

  • Removed the V-Ray PowerShader banner from all it's appearances

  • Improve light cache quality for small render regions

  • The "Adaptive tracing" option for the light cache is removed as it didn't work reliably


  • Added tiling support and Real World Mapping in the Material Editor and viewport previews


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crashes with ForestPack when preparing the scene for rendering

  • Fixed crashes when cancelling render while tessellating subdivided/displaced objects with "static geometry" enabled

  • Fixed crashes with dynamic meshes that have no faces but have more than one vertices

  • Fixed wrong URL of the Global DMC settings "?" button

  • The V-Ray option to show the render messages window on warning/error was still taken into account in 3ds Max 2016

  • Work around an issue with notification system in 3ds Max 2012, causing old scenes loading to crash


  • Fixed incorrect loading of compressed .vrimg files with compression ratios greater than 100 percent
  • Fixed incorrectly received mouse clicks from other windows


  • "Blur" parameter of VRayHDRI map was not correctly exported

  • Fixed broken scene updates since Beta 1

  • Fixed crash on render end with VRayMtlWrapper

  • Fixed crash with dynamic noise threshold when rendering as production renderer through Backburner

  • VRaySky randomly stopped illuminating the scene when the sun was disabled

  • Fixed unhandled exception when rendering motion blurred particles with longer duration and more than two geometry samples


  • Fixed crash when rendering through Backurner

  • Fixed incorrect orientation of VRayHDRI in environment slots

  • Wrong ground color for the VRaySky texture

  • Fixed wrong rendering of VRayMultiSubTex texture in DR mode

  • Different "phase" parameter of the Noise texture compared to RT CPU

  • "Cast shadows" option not working on objects with Multi/Sub materials

  • Fixed flipped normals on objects with negative scaling and displacement/subdivision

  • Fixed crash with empty Output maps

  • Fixed wrong implementation of the "saturation" parameter of the ColorCorrection map

  • Fixed wrong mapping of VRayFlakesMtl when using in-process RT

  • The "Clamp" output option of the Bitmap texmap was not working


  • Fixed crash if there was no VRaySun in the scene


  • Wrong motion blur on PFlow events that reduce the particle count


  • Fixed crash when encountering duplicate structures with different layouts

  • Fixed crash when re-loading shaders with syntax errors

  • Fixed crash when VRayHDRI texmap is attached as input


  • Fixed black pixels occurring when rendering Phoenix FD with "Affect background" off and "Color Clamp" on

.vrmesh Exporter

  • Fixed wrong results when total mesh faces were less than "min faces"