Date – January 20, 2016

Download – Build 3.30.04


New Features


  • Added initial support for VRayTriplanarTex

Modified Features


  • Optimized bitmap memory management


  • "Opacity mode" option default set to "Stochastic"


  • Enabled pure Volumetric render mode in V-Ray RT

  • Implement support for nameless VDB channels

  • Probabilistic volume sampling overrides the GI particle mode shading


  • Added prompt for administrative credentials

Bug Fixes


  • Reduced memory usage for light cache preview with high resolution images
  • Closing of the DR settings window shown by the vrayEditDRSettings() MaxScript command was opening the V-Ray Message Log window
  • Fixed crashes with animation and light cache with distributed rendering
  • Fixed hanging with tiled textures and very small texture memory limit
  • Multi/Sub-Object material with a VRayBlendMtl that has the base material blank was not casting transparent shadows
  • The %os keyword in the frame stamp did not recognize Windows 10
  • Reduced noise with Adaptive sampling and "Sub-pixel mapping" enabled
  • Reverted to V-Ray's render messages window in 3ds Max 2016


  • Fixed incorrect loading of compressed .vrimg files with compression ratios greater than 100 percent
  • Fixed incorrectly received mouse clicks from other windows


  • Added support for the ColorCorrection map "Printer lights per" and exposure mode options

  • Dynamic geometry was disappearing after the first frame in Light Cache phase when rendering animations

  • "Enable color map" was causing clipping of texture colors with environment and VRayLight dome lights

  • Fixed crash if VRayExtraTex texmap change during ActiveShade

  • Fixed crash with Progressive sampler when the region is out of the image dimensions

  • Shader linking did not update in Slate Material Editor during ActiveShade rendering


  •  Fixed memory usage for layered materials with opacity maps and fully transparent regions


  •  Optimized memory usage for geometry instances' user attributes
  • Portal lights blocked shadows from other lights
  • The ColorCorrection map HSL to RGB and RGB to HSL conversions changed to match the production rendering
  • Texture mapping size and offset with "Use real-world scale" enabled were not working when the mapping was "Planar from World XYZ"


  • Fixed overbright pixels with "Inscattered light intensity" less than 1.0


  • Fixed dark edges with rounded corners and Blinn/Ward/GGX BRDFs


  •  Fixed crash in V-Ray RT GPU when no input file was attached


  •  Bloom mode with "Render element only" option produced darker images
  • Fixed changing params through MaxScript


  •  Fixed animated rendering of proxies in "Show full mesh" mode with applied modifiers


  •  Fixed rendering transparent


  •  Fixed Material Editor preview


  •  Fixed self-shadowing export in V-Ray RT causing rendering slowdown
  • Fixed incorrect position changes with animated .vdb caches
  • Fixed incorrect frame smoothing
  • Fixed 3ds Max hanging when rendering with render cutter
  • Fixed multi-threaded cache files loading after a render has been completed in V-Ray RT and V-Ray Standalone
  • Fixed crash after repeated adding and removing of color gradient points
  • Fixed crash during GPU preview of fire in RGB mode with own opacity graph
  • Fixed differences between GPU viewport preview and rendering of fire
  • Fixed flipped meshing with .vdb caches from Houdini
  • Fixed "Object XYZ" texture mapping and preview in mesh mode for the Surface texmap
  • Removed noise on flat iso-surfaces produced by texmaps
  • Fixed rendering of speed channel from .f3d/.vdb caches
  • Fixed artifacts with grid-based self-illumination with DR


  •  Mesh transformations were ignored with the -mergeVoxels option
  • Instancing reverted to disabled by default when converting Alembic files because it's causing problems with previews

V-Ray Scene Converter

  •  Avoid script errors on converting Standard material with Strauss BRDF

.vrmesh Exporter

  •  Fixed exporting of VRayProxy objects in "Show full mesh" mode with modifiers

V-Ray Quick Settings

  •  The "AA Quality" slider was not changing the "Color threshold" of AA settings