Official release

Date – August 30, 2016

Download – Build 3.40.03


Modified Features


  • Added channel data interval information to the cache info

  • Create default lights for the GPU preview if there are none

  • Rename "Analytic" scattering to "Approximate"


Bug Fixes


  • 3ds Max was crashing when switching focus to it with a radio button active

  • Fixed rendering slowdown on the main machine with DR since 3.40.01

  • Enabled back running on Windows XP

  • It was possible to add empty servers addresses for DR

V-Ray RT

  • Color mapping "Affect background" was not exported

  • Crash with Ornatrix hairs placed on top of VRayDisplacementMod

  • Region rendering with DR was very slow during ActiveShade


  • Enabled back VRayTriplanarTex for bump, since 3.40.01

  • Misplaced bump map with UDIM tiling

  • VRayBumpMtl was not working with VRayEdgesTex when the base material also has bump


  • Bump effect was offset


  • Preview meshes were not loading when opening scenes with XRef scenes in them


  • Crash when deleting a light that is excluded in the GPU preview list

  • Crash when loading a cache while RT is running

  • Krakatoa and Stoke MX were using the same frame from the velocity field of imported caches

  • Using Self-illumination, results were different according to number of rendering cores