Beta release

Date – November 22, 2016

Download – Build 3.50.01


New Features


  • Enable usage as an interactive production renderer (IPR)

  • Enable the resuming of bucket renders from raw .vrimg files

  • Enable the resuming of progressive renders

  • Experimental implementation of adaptive lights

  • Optimize GI rendering

V-Ray RT

  • Support for direct output to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

  • Object picking in VFB

  • Enable Set focus distance in the VFB for the selected camera


  • Aerial Perspective support

  • Support for matte materials shadow catcher

  • Support for the VRayStochasticFlakesMtl material

  • Initial implementation for on-demand mip-map texture in production rendering mode

  • Less CPU memory usage when rendering scenes with many textures

  • Less GPU memory usage when rendering scenes with many textures

  • Implement support for Render mask

  • Support for velocity render element

  • Better handling of geometry and materials updates during ActiveShade

  • Add Low GPU thread priority option

  • Support for additive mode of the VRayBlendMtl

  • Support for transparency for the layers of the VRayBlendMtl

  • Add support for VRayAtmosphere render element

  • Fixed differences in lighting between V-Ray RT CPU and GPU

  • Fixed differences in texture blending between V-Ray RT CPU and GPU

  • Support for Irradiance Map from file

  • Support for RenderID, ObjectID and MtlID render elements

  • Implement ground projection of VRayHDRI


  • Implement hardware acceleration support for lens effects


  • Implement Glossy Fresnel option


  • Include alSurface shader port for V-Ray in the installation


  • Support for user property tags in the proxy file name


  • Add ability to capture and render the back lighting


  • Add a render preset for Maya Fluids vdb

  • Support for Cap Mesh mode in V-Ray RT


Modified Features


  • Add control for panoramic pole merging for stereoscopic rendering (V-Ray RT MaxScript properties .top_merge_angle .bottom_merge_angle)
  • Dome light minor speed optimization

  • Display warning when View navigation in ActiveShade is selected without looking through camera

  • Increase the tooltip display times in the render settings

  • Remove the interpolated reflections/refractions options

  • Set the default value for the dynamic noise threshold for the progressive sampler to 80

  • Use adequate precision for render elements (full/half precision) in OpenEXR files

  • When using a dome light, matte objects have visible outlines unless GI environment is overridden with zero

  • Bundle License Server with the installation instead of the vrlservice.exe

V-Ray / V-Ray RT

  • The progressive sampler should finish the current pass when the given "Render time" is surpassed
  • Draw the alpha channel during the undersampling phase of the progressive sampling

V-Ray RT

  • Apply resolution changes without restarting the rendering

  • Add Select object and Get object material right-click options in the VFB

  • Add UI mode views switcher for V-Ray RT between Default and Advanced views

  • Make V-Ray RT to take the render state of the Laubwerk trees options, not the viewport

  • VFB output file paths are not exported in .vrscene file

  • View navigation in ActiveShade VFB is too fast


  • Support for the directionality attribute of the VRayLight in Plane mode

  • Ability to load precalculated Irradiance map GI cache files

  • Changes on materials with baked texture to be updated quicker

  • Faster rendering of materials with bump maps

  • Faster rendering with Bitmap output curves

  • Faster rendering of rounded edges texture

  • Print the message about not having OCL devices env var as a info, not warning

  • Print the OpenCL Driver version in the log

  • Print warning when there is a render element that's not supported on the GPU

  • Print warning when max sample level is set to 0

  • Raise the number of rays per pixel when the number of active pixels is too low

  • Solid reflective material getting alpha dropouts

  • Support for UVW coordinates type in VRaySamplerInfo render element


  • Make the GGX BRDF the default one and turn on glossy Fresnel by default

  • Move the reflect on back side option in the reflection section of the Basic rollout

  • The anisotropy controls should be disabled when the BRDF is set to Phong


  • Allow for the viewport preview to be overridden by another .vrmesh or Alembic file

  • Add rendering support for Mudbox exported .vrmeshes with Level-of-Detail

  • Interpolate geometry data for heterogeneous Alembic files with velocity channel

  • Optimized the preview read and update for animated proxies


  • MaxScript commands to show/hide history and color corrections panels of the VFB

  • Contrast curve should be applied in sRGB color space

  • Change the default values of the Lens Effects

  • Improve history images saving speed

  • Move the history image compare buttons from the main toolbar to history toolbar

  • The button for showing the messages log should bring the messages window to the front

  • White balance should be applied before exposure


  • Optimize plane clipper with empty exclude lists


  • A warning should be printed when the VFB is disabled

  • Check the sampler settings before starting a render and warn if incompatible


  • Add a MaxScript parameter for axial rotation


  • Enable support for multiple include paths in OSL

  • Speed up the texture sampling in OSL


  • Add ability to render licensed materials (library licenses)

  • Add support for Nitrous viewport preview


  • Add new fragment merge mode, where fragments are merged by render ID and z-depth


  • The blend and scale parameters should be animatable


  • Add an option to exclude an object in the V-Ray object properties


  • High-DPI support for the render curves and gradients

  • Improve the motion blur for atmospherics

  • Improve the velocity voxel preview

  • Optimize rendering with emissive lights, Ray-Traced self-illumination and complex geometry

  • Respect the maxRenderThreads setting in V-Ray during rendering

  • Support V-Ray's per-object motion blur duration override

  • When several points on diagram are selected, right click on one of them should affect all points


  • Add abort on OpenCL errors

  • The noise level channel can also be named "VRayNoiseLevel"

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Creating VRayFur from the toolbar button should select the newly created fur object

V-Ray scene converter

  • Added an option to convert only selected objects

.vrscene exporter

  • Renderer settings of V-Ray RT as production renderer are not exported

Bug Fixes


  • Crash on loading scene after rendering with time stamp
  • Remove the "(notUsed)" from the imageSampler_renderMask MaxScript properties
  • Unwanted GI caustics with refractive materials with affect shadows enabled
  • Tiled texture cache set message is flooding the log when using Slate Material editor

V-Ray RT

  • Composite texture with Output map on reflect and diffuse gives a different than production render result

  • Crash with Particle Flow and motion blur when sliding the time during ActiveShade session

  • Crash when there are materials with very long names and special characters

  • Effect ID of VRayMtl is not exported

  • Excessive progressive sampling AA filter memory consumption with ActiveShade rendering and render region

  • Exclude lists of VRayDirt don't work with HairFarm

  • Exporter doesn't resolve light cache file paths

  • Exporter is missing some of the VRayMtl and VRayFastSSS2Mtl features

  • Isolating geometry in a scene with duplicating nodes names and handles produces WndProc error with out of process rendering

  • Invalid geometric normal warnings with VRayLight and stereo cube camera

  • Static geometry of VRayDisplacementMod is not exported

  • There is no motion blur on VRayFur when applied to a geometry with a modifier

  • Motion blur samples are not applied to animated VRayPhysicalCameras unless they are set locally

  • Not all supported image filters are exported

  • Not exported opacity texture correctly if names are the same with other textures

  • Not updating the IFL sequences properly during time slider change

  • V-Ray trace sets are not exported


  • Auto update bitmaps is broken with in-process rendering

  • Crash when reading from large, 8k+ textures

  • Crash when switching Noise coordinates to Vertex color channel while rendering

  • Crashes on scenes containing textures with elliptical filtering

  • Crash with motion blur and Material IDs set

  • Different texture output with Color Map and tweaked Output Amount

  • Different bump compared to CPU with Mask map

  • Difference in shading VRayDirt in VRayTriplanarTex

  • Different indexes of Ornatrix hairs on each frame

  • Flicker when rendering animation with Backburner/Deadline with lights with include/exclude lists

  • GGX BRDF produce noise in Object ID render element in CUDA

  • IES lights with invalid paths to files sometimes are rendered wrong

  • Incorrect sun position when using VRaySun/Sky with specific procedural color correction textures

  • Mapped masks of Composite map don't work

  • Material shader tree does not reflect the materials changes in ActiveShade in all cases

  • Out of process V-Ray RT rendering crashes on frame change in a scene with duplicating nodes names

  • Random by Render ID mode of VRayTriplanarTex is not applied in bump

  • Render elements does not respect the transparency of materials

  • Render server crashes when rendering animation with lights with include/exclude lists

  • Undersampling artifacts occur on the bottom and right edges of the region during ActiveShade session

  • Using excessive host mem when there are a lot of textures in the scene

  • VRayColor2Bump in base material of VRayBumpMtl deactivates VRayEdgesTex

  • VRayLight type Disc produces different lighting when textured

  • VRayZDepth clamp zdepth option has no effect

  • Wrong blending between texture and color in Falloff texture

  • Wrong lighting with max ray intensity set to 1


  • Crash when rendering an object with changing topology and VRaySamplerInfo render element with Forward/Backward occlusion type


  • "Failed to delete server scene file" DR warning appears but the file has been deleted successfully


  • GLSL and OSL plugins crash Max when the error message contains %


  • GLSL crashes when compiling embedded shaders

  • The BRDFGGX plugin and the GGX mode of BRDFVRayMtl produce different results


  • 3D noises appear as stripes

  • Incorrect rendering of V-Ray OSL shaders when part of a VRayBlend material

  • Preprocessor-only output is polluted with diagnostic messages

VRayOrnatrixMod / VRayHairFarmMod

  • Hair tessellation segments are not calculated correctly for orthographic views

Hair & Fur

  • Invalid geometric normal (000) for "HairVrShadeable" warning with Hair and Fur


  • Light portals appear noisier than rectangular lights due to undersampling


  • Opacity is not working with MultiMatteElement


  • Render to texture crashes with VRayFastSSS2 material


  • Rendering an animation with 2D displacement with VRayHDRI map with values greater than 1.0 causes the object to disappear on the second frame


  • Artifacts appear on the render channels drop-down control after show/hide history

  • color correction controls disappear and lens effects settings are misplaced if scrolled down and resized

  • Enabled color corrections cause major UI slow downs in ActiveShade mode

  • Incorrectly resized when loaded a scene and the side panels have been open

  • Raw output image file extension is not persistent

  • Render channels drop-down box progressively diminishing its height


  • Appears invisible in the viewport set to realistic preview


  • Bump map slot is not updated when plugging/unplugging a map in Slate Material Editor


  • Artifacts with animated object

  • Exclude list is not considered for generating VRayEdgesTex round corners
  • Generates artifacts on excluded objects with VRayFastSSS2/VRaySkinMtl
  • Generates darker result when clipping VRayFastSSS2/VRaySkinMtl in Raytraced mode


  • Falling back to CPU with very wide images


  • Crash in View-dependent mode in orthographic views

  • Crash with object-based VRayFastSSS2

  • Setting 2D displacement resolution to 1 crashes 3ds Max

  • Subdivision displacement in View-dependent mode is not calculated correctly for orthographic views


  • VRayFur does not generate proper defocusAmount render element with motion blur


  • Displaying parameters in the Compact Material Editor reinitializes ActiveShade rendering

  • Elliptical filtering is very slow with displacement


  • Crash when changing type in creation mode


  • Faceted results on subdivided meshes


  • Hair does not render when loaded through an XRef object

  • Hairs get occluded when light, camera and hairs are linked to an animated object


  • Automatically create proxies loads vrmeshes very slow

  • Incorrect normals geometry with mirrored transformation

  • Loading a specific Alembic file with particles crashes 3ds Max

  • NaN pixels with in the VRayRawShadow and VRayRawLighting render elements

  • Slow down when loading Alembic files with many meshes in 3ds Max 2017

  • Visibility lists are incorrectly refreshed


  • Multi-sampled motion blur produces artifacts on animated proxies


  • Doesn't work with the Vexus material from John Martini


  • Deleted VRaySun still appears in the VRaySky

  • Find VRaySun from an XRef'd scene when using VRaySky


  • Does not appear in the Material Editor when V-Ray RT/GPU is selected as render engine


  • Black color in Width map produces artifacts in the RGB and render elements


  • Crash when connected to bump slot through VRayNormalMap

  • Invalid bump normals warnings when source texture returns zero UVW coordinates

  • Normal maps are not rotated properly

  • Wrong tiling when plugged into bump map slot


  • 3ds Max crashes when playing animation with Time Bend Controls mode set to Loop

  • Artifacts with Grid-based Self-Illumination

  • Bucket artifacts with a moving grid using Phoenix Light Cache together with motion blur

  • Different render result when rendering on CPUs with different number of cores

  • Each time a render diagram is expanded or collapsed, it is fitted again

  • Emissive lights are calculated in V-Ray RT even when the Fire channel does not exist

  • Geometry behind simulator occludes render elements

  • It is possible to open the right click menu when moving a point in the diagrams or gradients

  • Interface lag when looking at a missing frame from a very long cache sequence

  • Motion blur for volumetrics does not take into account Interval center

  • Per-axis zoom in the shading diagrams does not respect the cursor position

  • Rendering with motion blur and duration=0 will preprocess forever

  • Scene saved with the old curves in Simple Smoke mode always has Inactive transparency diagram

  • Scrubbing the timeline with animated Direct Cache index leads to 3dS Max crash

  • The Fire Color and Intensity curves should act as a whole when fitted

  • V-Ray RT won't render smoke shaded by Smoke channel

  • Volumetric Geometry mode creates holes in Alpha at geometry intersection when Jittering is enabled

  • When editing diagram handle coordinates, Smooth Bezier handles stop working properly

  • Wrong velocity scaling with imported volumetric simulation from Houdini

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Rows are overlapping


  • Node transformation is applied only to the vertex channel but not to the normals channel


  • Crash with 8K OpenEXR files

V-Ray Installer

  • Help button opens the system browser rather than default browser