Beta release

Date – January 12, 2017

Download – Build 3.50.02


New Features


  • Add VRayRawDiffuseFilter, VRayRawReflectionFilter and VRayRawRefractionFilter render and bake elements

  • Fallback to limited functionality Demo mode if no license is present

V-Ray RT

  • Add support for adaptive lights


  • All supported procedural textures to work for bump maps, when used through VRayColor2Bump texture

  • Implement support for Forest Color texture

  • Support for Mapped, Linear and 4 corners Gradient types in Gradient Ramp texture

  • Support for adaptive lights in CUDA (both in Production and in ActiveShade)

  • Support for the planar VRayClipper


  • Lens effects work on the denoised result if a denoiser render element is present

  • Lens effects can be enabled and adjusted during rendering


  • Integrate support for NVIDIA MDL

  • Initial support for VRayMDLMtl in V-Ray RT


  • Implement scene node that supports rendering geometry and materials from a .vrscene file and settings override with another file


  • Ability to store the toon outlines in a separate render element


  • Does not update on filename change in V-Ray RT

V-Ray Toolbar

  • Add button to make selected objects shadow catchers

Modified Features


  • 3ds Max render effects should be applied when the Stop button is pressed in the render progress

  • Adaptive lights sampling improvement when the total lights are less than the Adaptive lights count

  • Bucket resuming writes its own .vrimg output if other output format is set

  • Enable adaptive lights by default

  • Faster 2d displacement on machines with many cores
  • Faster rendering of proxies on many-core machines
  • Improve the HDR images loading speed

  • Make 1 a possible value for Geometry samples in Render Setup
  • Remove limitation on parameters count for OSL and GLSL shaders

  • Restore the 3ds Max project folder after DR render

  • Rework post-effects pipeline to avoid Lens effects overriding the denoised image in particular

  • Right-click on parameters' spinners should reset them to the default values instead of zero for most of V-Ray plugins

  • The light grid for adaptive lights does not take specular light contributions into account

V-Ray RT

  • Allow irradiance map and light cache from saved file in ActiveShade

  • Change mouse cursors for some of the right click modes during Active Shade

  • Implement export of VRayToon

  • Implement the glossy Fresnel options

  • Improve random by render ID values generation for V-Ray RT and matched with VRayMultiSubTex


  • Add a render stamp variable noiseThreshold for the reached noise threshold of the progressive sampler

  • Add toolbar button for copying the current channel to clipboard

  • Increase default VFB history maximum files count to 100 and the size on disk in MB to 10000

  • Show a progress bar in the VFB during IPR session


  • Support for Raytraced SSS ID V-Ray object property


  • Disabled by default the GI checkbox for self-illumination


  • Replace the Store in fixed point format ( option with an Invert value one

V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter

  • Bitmaps in objects/modifiers/environment should be handled


Bug Fixes


  • Adaptive lights don't work with fly-through light cache

  • Adding lights during IPR session produces wrong results when adaptive lights are enabled

  • Artifacts with adaptive lights and VRayFastSSS2 material

  • Crash when modifying matte object material in IPR

  • Deep merge strategy set as None renders incorrectly with non-fully opaque objects

  • Different bump with bitmaps since 3.50.01

  • Environment map ghosting through objects when matte/shadow objects are in the scene
  • If there is no license available V-Ray crashes when rendering

  • IPR crashes with Hair and Fur on render stop

  • IPR crashes with VRayExtraTex render element

  • IPR crashes while painting with the VRayFurStyler

  • Issue with finalToon and orthographic cameras

  • Noisy pixels not cleaned up by the progressive sampler

  • Random crashes after progressive rendering is finished

  • Render hangs when resuming with DR and distributed light cache

  • Rendering hangs at transforming vertices when there is a VRayVolumeGrid and many VRayLightMtl materials with direct illumination enabled

  • OSL preprocessor-only output is polluted with diagnostic messages

  • Wrong viewport drawing of objects after rendering in 3ds Max 2017

  • Scene renders brighter when there is glass at the windows

V-Ray RT

  • Crash during ActiveShade with a scene with instanced VRayProxy

  • Crash with time slider and motion blurred meshes

  • Error when rendering RT DR with Max Frame buffer and Render Mask
  • Matte for refl/refr of VRayMtlWrapper has no effect

  • Mismatched Vertical Tilt correction compared to production renderer
  • Noisy results with progressive sampler when Sub-pixel mapping is enabled

  • Skew modifier on Standard cameras is ignored

  • Unhandled exception when editing part of specific material used as Override during ActiveShade session

  • Using Array tool during ActiveShade rendering causes missing objects in 3ds Max 2017

  • VRayIntancer crashes when rendering out of process

  • When setting through the VFB the camera focus distance it gets messed if the user clicks on a dome light


  • Add warning when using too many textures per material with on-demand textures

  • Artifacts with shadow catcher
  • Bitmap aperture is not rendered with CUDA

  • Broken shader with dirt as layer weight

  • Can't use more than 1 triplanar texture for bump

  • Crash with Distance texture

  • Difference in transparency between RT CPU and GPU in specific scene

  • Different shader result in scene with complex procedural texture tree

  • Hair is rendered very slow with light cache

  • OCL device select tool doesn't save changes on some computers

  • On demand textures produce different result to Full Size with specific scene

  • Only the initial image of ifl sequence is used when the Bitmap or VRayHDRI map is linked to Output map

  • Refraction volume is shaded differently compared to CPU

  • Specific GLSL shader files produce error with CUDA

  • Moving lights in 3ds Max is causing GPU memory leak

  • Negative values for distribution of VRayDirt produce unexpected results


  • Artifacts in Compare V-Ray Settings window from VFB History when resized

  • Crash when lens effects Bloom mode is set to Render elements only

  • Random crash when switching production renderer from V-Ray RT to V-Ray with open VFB
  • Render region issues when set through MaxScript vrayVFBSetRegion function prior to rendering

  • The width of History Settings window is not enough to display the whole Completed Renders Only checkbox label
  • V-Ray RT settings are not saved in the history if set as production renderer

  • Zooming the color corrections curve causes major lagging of the UI


  • Mesh clipper doesn't handle motion blur

  • More precise rendering with GI

  • Moving a mesh clipper during IPR session doesn't work correctly

VRayOrnatrixMod / VRayHairFarmMod

  • Typo in dynamic_tessellation parameter (was dynamic_tesselation) in both UI and MaxScript


  • Mesh preview memory leak after 3.50.01


  • Shading produces blending artifact


  • Crashes when rendering with VRayScatter

  • Produces artifacts when width map is set

  • Removing objects from VRayToon exclude list sometimes removes wrong objects

  • The Remove button of VRayToon exclude list becomes inactive when multiple toon effects are applied


  • Crash when previewing or rendering a cache where the ID channel cannot be uncompressed

  • Deleting a volume grid object and then rendering causes a crash

  • Exporting a VRScene with volume grid object calculates light and particle pre-passes

  • Broken Lighting and Specular render elements for reflective/refractive geometry

  • Lights that were in the scene before creating a new volume grid object are added to its exclude list

  • Ocean Rendering hangs at low altitude when the container is far away

  • Slow creating and deleting of many lights from the scene