Official release

Date – February 8, 2017

Download – Build 3.50.03


New Features


  • Distortion support for physical camera


Modified Features


  • Move the VRayDenoiser progressive update frequency in the System rollout

V-Ray RT

  • The IPR button in the VFB should work when V-Ray RT is the production renderer
  • ActiveShade should render with the current VFB resolution and should track changes to the VFB size

  • Export Forest Color information as color instead of 3 float numbers


  • Add a warning when users have Adaptive Lights and Shadows RE enabled

  • Support VRayUserColor to be used for mapping channels

  • Support the noise parameters for Gradient Ramp texture


  • Add MAXScript callback when IPR completes rendering

  • Production IPR should fill the VFB and react to changes in the VFB size and changes to render resolution

  • Production IPR should react to changes in the render region in the VFB

  • Track changes to node properties both V-Ray and user during IPR

  • Track changes to the environment overrides in the render settings during IPR


  • Add command for VFB display control (vfbControl #show)

  • RGB button switches between RGB color and effectsResult channels

  • Show HSV values in the VFB pixel information window


  • Add displacement support to MDL

  • Display texture parameters in MDL materials as file buttons


  • Override material with 3ds Max native materials


  • Option to disable the Optimizing Volumetrics rendering pre-pass

V-Ray Scene Converter

  • Blend material to VRayBlendMtl conversion support for sub materials and textures
  • Convert Corona's native materials, textures, and lights to V-Ray ones


Bug Fixes


  • Adaptive lights don't work with fly-through light cache

  • Concatenated node user attributes on VRayProxy objects

  • effectsResult channel is not saved with .vrimg file from Render Setup

  • Resumable rendering with bucket sampling and post effects stops with an error after the first completed frame

  • When saving a scene with GLSL, OSL or MDL the full path to the file is not always written

V-Ray RT

  • Incorrect adaptive lights with production (non-ActiveShade) renders

  • Light cache from map is not used in out of process rendering

  • Not located alembic proxies with local paths

  • Not updating the IFL sequences properly during time slider change

  • Some scenes with multiple MDL materials fail to export

  • Wrong rendering with light cache from file saved with adaptive light grid


  • Adaptive lights with VRayClipper with affect lights off in some cases has artifacts

  • Artifacts with Skylight portal and adaptive lights

  • Artifacts with VRayLight exclude lists and Adaptive lights

  • Bump looks wrong with object-space UVW generator

  • Compiling geometry takes too long in a specific scene when using GPU

  • Crash when tweaking the displacement amount in specific scene

  • Crash with adaptive lights and disabled light portals

  • Discrepancy in rendering of Normal, Average and Multiply Blending Modes of Tint in Forest Color texture

  • Crash with empty Forest Color map channel

  • Don't save matte render elements for GPU when writing to image

  • ForestPro objects not rendered when Displacement is enabled in specific scene

  • Gradient Ramp connected to Gradient Ramp renders wrong

  • Lens effects Object/Material ID is not working with GPU rendering

  • Max ray intensity is not applied to self-illumination and light cache bleeding

  • Noisy results even though the sampling settings are high

  • Occasionally wrong lighting with adaptive lights

  • Random crash when using light cache with adaptive lights

  • Some Render Elements render wrong in specific setups

  • Render is very slow floods the kernel with invalid messages when rendering with On-Demand textures but there are no textures in the scene

  • Tweaking assigned Color Correction maps to Environment changes the output

  • Visible mesh edges on refractive objects

  • XRef Multi/Sub-Object material renders black with CUDA


  • Changing properties of the VRayPhysicalCamera are not updated in IPR

  • Crash after using the V-Ray Light Lister during production IPR

  • Crash when accessing the Material Editor during an ActiveShade session with Clear cache on render end enabled

  • Crash when adjusting curves in VRayHDRI during IPR

  • Crash when cloning a specific object during IPR

  • Crash when creating instances in a particular scene during IPR

  • Crash when creating VRayLight without dragging for setting the size during IPR

  • Crash with IPR with VRayFastSSS2's object-based pre-pass

  • Crash with XRef materials during IPR

  • IPR crashes with VRayExtraTex Render Element

  • IPR render from camera that has Skew modifier applied doesn't match production render

  • Locked camera view is not respected in IPR

  • Making an object a shadow catcher from the V-Ray toolbar is not updated in IPR

  • Modifying VRayLight created in IPR as a Copy crashes 3ds Max

  • Occasional crash with IPR related to texture shortcut buttons

  • Unhandled exception with instanced objects during IPR

  • VRayLightMtl intensity is not properly updating in IPR

  • Hiding and unhiding of nodes is not reflected in production IPR
  • Render mult parameter of VRayHDRI is not working in IPR


  • Environment variables not re-read defined in OCIO

  • Fix scaling of non-native resolution images in the history

  • Hide lens effects ID masks when loading from the history

  • Lens effects are not updated every time the update button is pressed


  • Crashes when rendering with VRayCurvatureMap inside VRayExtraTex Render Element


  • Shader inputs are not shown when using Quick Shader


  • 3ds Max occasionally crashes on closing in shutdownNeuray()

  • Crash when changing parameters during out of process ActiveShade session

  • Crash when referencing missing textures

  • Materials with textures crash when connected to VRayBlendMtl

  • MDL files are not loaded on scene open

  • Reloading the same MDL material makes the preview disappear

  • The gamma mode is ignored


  • The normal map is affected by the bump map multiplier


  • User attributes aren't distributed to all references/instances


  • Alembic preview is not loaded


  • Map for color is not exported for V-Ray RT

  • The hidden edges of objects with non-fully opaque materials are drawn


  • The Loop Overlap option is not exported to V-Ray RT and vrscenes from 3ds Max

vrimg2exr.exe / img2tiledexr.exe / V-Ray

  • Slow EXR saving process on network location