Official release

Date – Mar. 3, 2017

Download – Build 3.50.04


Modified Features

V-Ray / V-Ray RT

  • Optimize compiling geometry for scenes with displacement on machines with many cores


  • Add settings rollout IPR options whether to track changes to the VFB size and whether to always use progressive sampling

V-Ray RT

  • Add an option to only render the visible part of image for OpenVR and Oculus renders (Follow VR headset)


  • Do not consider Intel GPUs for V-Ray GPU

  • Take the adaptive lights number of lights into account


  • Make unoccluded sub-texmap slot default when keeping replaced texture as subtexmap


  • Show MDL enum parameters as combo boxes instead of spinners


  • img2tiledexr should store its version and build date into the converted OpenEXR files


Bug Fixes


  • Animated Noise in VRayLightMtl with Direct Illumination On slows down the rendering drastically

  • Artifacts with Adaptive Lights in certain scenes

  • Deep image result is overwritten when post effects are enabled

  • Distributed rendering with no Use local host requires additional license

  • Improve saving time of progressive resumable files to a network location

  • Log flood with "Invalid normal index found on face" with specific geometry

  • Saving to raw images with non-ANSI names fails when post effects are present

  • The main thread hangs when some of the license servers are offline

  • Very slow compile geometry phase on particular scenes

  • Wrong VRayZDepth with use camera clip boundaries enabled and the physical camera's clipping planes disabled


  • Constant refresh with VRayPhysicalCamera and V-Ray Exposure Control

  • Crash when adding a render element during IPR

  • Crash when using adaptive lights and a new light is added to the scene

  • Rendering hangs and 3ds Max 2017 UI freezes when Physical camera Lens Shift is modified

V-Ray RT

  • Export display sRGB parameter to .vrscene

  • Some machines can't load IFL files when accessing them from shared location

  • Unhandled exception when rendering scenes with Ornatrix feathers and displacement in production rendering mode


  • Black regions with Projections

  • Different results with VRayClipper and Camera rays only option enabled

  • Adaptive Lights are not updated after change in region/resolution during ActiveShade

  • Compensate camera exposure of VRayLightMtl is not working

  • CUDA error 719 with specific scene

  • Fix potential crash with unsupported render elements

  • Alpha pixels missing with matte/shadow plane

  • Overexposed lighting when rendering with V-Ray GPU

  • The specular contribution does not get adjusted by the fog attenuation


  • Denoiser hardware acceleration type is not updated at render end

  • Denoiser is not applied progressively when rendering with V-Ray RT

  • Do not apply denoiser on load from history

  • Lens effects hardware acceleration mode doesn't work

  • Selecting a point in the curves color correction window causes the point to move

  • The curves color correction in the VFB should be applied after the exposure

  • Turning off the Select object mode during ActiveShade leaves the wrong cursor


  • Denoiser is calculated every time before V-Ray RT rendering start if it was used before

  • The option Only generate render elements is producing corrupt file


  • Not properly generated with Bitmap texmaps


  • Materials are transparent in BRDF mode


  • None of the General shader properties are accessible through MAXScript


  • Crash with 1000+ shader nodes

  • Exporting OSL materials with unconnected textures for V-Ray RT produces broken scenes


  • Crash with Alembic file with containing incorrect UVW mapping indices in V-Ray RT

  • Custom attributes for alembic files are lost in Show whole mesh display mode


  • Active checkbox not exported for V-Ray RT

  • Add render element export for V-Ray RT

  • Missing toon effect with 3ds Max standard cameras


  • Crash when loading an .mdl while V-Ray RT is running and then stopping it

  • Exporting empty MDL materials fails

  • Merging light cache passes is very slow when rendering scene with missing MDL resource files

  • Shows as incompatible when V-Ray RT is set as production render engine

  • Spinners reject negative parameter values

  • Treat df::bsdf() as black diffuse

  • Wrong rendering of MDL texture with bump on geometry with incorrect tangents


  • NaN pixels occur


  • Animation is not working for V-Ray RT

  • Missing objects from imported vrscene when rendered with V-Ray RT

  • Snippet override with wildcards doesn't work on Windows 7

V-Ray scene converter

  • Broken lights instances after conversion


  • Fails to convert files properly after 3.50.03