Official release

Date – July 28, 2017

Download – Build 3.60.03


Modified Features

V-Ray RT

  • Submitting network rendering jobs with region render enabled should issue some warning when production rendering

Bug Fixes


  • Black buckets when adding local machine with DR and Resumable rendering
  • "Invalid geometry normal" warnings with RailClone and Embree since V-Ray 3.60.02
  • Rare crash when transferring assets for DR
  • Saving all image channels after an RT render and MultiMatte MtlID render element leads to error message


  • Do not transfer anisotropy data always, when there is V-Ray material


  • Hair with mapped radius renders as if there was no map

  • Not considering vertex or strand channel assigned to control radius in Ornatrix
  • Wrong W coordinate at the hair tip endcap


  • OSL does not respect mipmap levels