This page gives information about V-Ray Bake Elements that can be output when rendering to textures in 3ds Max.

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The Render to Texture feature in 3ds Max includes several V-Ray output elements (bake elements) in addition to the standard 3ds Max output elements. These V-Ray bake elements correspond to V-Ray Render Elements.



UI Path: Rendering menu > Render to Texture > Output rollout > Add button > Select bake element > Add Elements button







Bake Elements

The following bake elements are available through the Add Texture Elements dialog. For information on the type of image or data included in each bake element, see the page for the corresponding Render Element.


Bake ElementCorresponding Render Element
VRayBumpNormalsMapBump Normals | VRayBumpNormals
VRayCausticsMapCaustics | VRayCaustics
VRayCompleteMapBeauty | RGB_Color
VRayDiffuseFilterMapDiffuse | VRayDiffuseFilter
VRayGlobalIlluminationMapGlobal Illumination | VRayGlobalIllumination
VRayLightingMapLighting | VRayLighting
VRayMatteShadowMapMatte Shadow | VRayMatteShadow
VRayMtlReflectGlossinessBakeReflection Glossiness | VRayMtlReflectGlossiness
VRayMtlReflectHillightGlossinessBakeReflection Highlight Glossiness | VRayMtlReflectHighlightGlossiness
VRayMtlReflectIORBakeReflection Index | VRayMtlReflectIOR
VRayMtlRefractGlossinessBakeRefraction Glossiness | VRayMtlRefractGlossiness
VRayNormalsMapNormals | VRayNormals
VRayRawDiffuseFilterMapRaw Diffuse Filter | VRayRawDiffuseFilter
VRayRawGlobalIlluminationMapRaw Global Illumination | VRayRawGlobalIllumination
VRayRawLightingMapRaw Lighting | VRayRawLighting
VRayRawReflectionFilterMapRaw Reflection Filter | VRayRawReflectionFilter
VRayRawRefractionFilterMapRaw Refraction Filter | VRayRawRefractionFilter
VRayRawRefractionMapRaw Refraction | VRayRawRefraction
VRayRawShadowMapRaw Shadow | VRayRawShadow
VRayRawTotalLightingMapRaw Total Lighting | VRayRawTotalLighting
VRayReflectionFilterMapReflection Filter | VRayReflectionFilter
VRayRefractionFilterMapRefraction Filter | VRayRefractionFilter
VRayRefractionMapRefraction | VRayRefraction
VRaySelfIlluminationMapSelf Illumination | VRaySelfIllumination
VRayShadowMapBakeShadows | VRayShadows
VRayTotalLightingMapTotal Lighting | VRayTotalLighting